Commission of Inquiry into tax administration and governance by South African Revenue Service (SARS) call for submissions

Call for comments opened 18 June 2018 Share this page:

Submissions are now closed (since 31 August 2018)

Finance Standing Committee

The President of the Republic of South Africa has under section 84(2)(f) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and in terms of Government Notice 17 of 2018 has published a Commission of Inquiry into tax administration and governance by the South African Revenue Service ( "Commission "), and is asking you to comment.

Written submissions must be concise and succinct, and must be furnished under cover of a brief summary. So far as facts are sought to be placed before the Commission, such facts must be attested to or confirmed by affidavit. The date by which submission should be furnished may be extended by the Commissioner if there are sufficient reasons for doing so. Upon receipt of written submissions the Commission may require, by way of a notice, a deponent or any person to appear before it in order to give oral evidence on specified aspects of the Terms of Reference and in such notice it may give directions with regard to such oral evidence. The Commission may also receive evidence in camera, and may also protect the identity of persons furnishing information, if it considers that to be necessary. Any request for such confidentiality, which may be made in advance of the information being provided should be directed to the Commissioner through the office of the Secretary, and will be treated in confidence

Submissions can be emailed to the Secretary of the Commission at [email protected] by no later than Friday, 31 August 2018

Enquiries can be directed to the Secretary of the Commission on tel (012) 647 9486