National Ports Amendment Draft Bill [X-2018]

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Submissions are now closed (since 21 July 2018)


The Department of Transport has published the draft National Ports Amendment Bill 2018, and is asking you to comment.

The Bill seeks to amend the National Ports Act, 2005, so as to
▪ substitute and insert certain definitions;
▪ repeal certain provisions;
▪ amend the functions of the Authority;
▪ amend the establishment of the Regulator;
▪ expand the functions of the Regulator;
▪ provide for the reappointment of members of Regulator;
▪ amend the disclosure of interests; to amend meetings of the Regulator;
▪ amend the provision of Funding of the Regulator;
▪ provide for appointment of non-member Chairman of the Audit committee of the Regulator;
▪ empower the Regulator to make additional orders.

Comments can be emailed to Mr Dumisani Ntuli at [email protected] and copied to [email protected] by no later than Saturday, 21 July 2018.

Enquiries can be directed to Mr Dumisani Ntuli on tel (012) 309 3331 and to G Semenya on tel (012) 309 3499