Copyright Amendment Bill: comment on specific clauses of working draft

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Trade, Industry and Competition

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has published specific clauses of the working draft of the Copyright Amendment Bill as of 15 June 2018 and the Memorandum on the Objects of the Bill for public comment. The specific clauses are as follow:

▪ Clause 1, par (i): The definition of “visual artistic work”.
▪ Clause 5: Section 6A(4): The minimum content of the agreement related to royalty percentages.
▪ Clause 5: Section 6A(5): The issue of retrospective application .
▪ Clause 7: Section 7A(4): The minimum content of the agreement related to royalty percentages.
▪ Clause 7: Section 7A(5): The issue of retrospective application.
▪ Clause 7: Section 7B(3)(a)(i) read with section 7B(5): Reciprocal application of the resale royalty right.
▪ Clause 7: Section 7B(6): Retrospective application of an artist’s resale right.
▪ Clause 9: Section 8A(4): The minimum content of the agreement related to royalty percentages.
▪ Clause 9: Section 8A(5): The issue of retrospective application.
▪ Clause 11: Section 9A(1)(aA): Log Sheets.
▪ Clause 11: Section 9A(4): Failure to record acts or to report constituting an offence and the penalty for that offence.
▪ Clause 12: Section 11 - Nature of copyright in programme-carrying signals.
▪ Clause 15: Section 15: Panorama rights and incidental use.
▪ Clause 22: Section 21(3): New process for commissioned work aimed at giving the author more rights.
▪ Clause 25: Section 22B(7): Transitional provisions to provide for existing Collecting Societies.
▪ Clause 25: Section 22C(3)(c): Reciprocity applying to pay-outs of royalties by Collecting Societies to foreign countries.
▪ Clause 25: Section 22D(2)(b) and 22D(3)How Collecting Societies should pay royalties out and what to do with funds if they cannot find the copyright owner or performer.
▪ Clause 27: Section 27(6): Increased penalties for infringement. Provision for fines when the convicted person is not a natural person.
▪ Clauses 29 and 30: Copyright Tribunal:
▪ Section 29: Composition.
▪ Section 29A(3): No power to review administrative action by the Commission.
▪ Section 29E: Proceedings of the Tribunal.
▪ Clause 37: Transitional provision.

Comments can be emailed to Mr A Hermans at [email protected] or Mr T Madima at [email protected] and Ms Y Madikanza at [email protected] by no later than Wednesday, 18 July 2018.

Enquiries can be directed to Mr A Hermans on tel (021) 403 3776 or cell 083 709 8482 and Mr T Madima on tel (021) 403 3822 or cell 083 709 8419