Defence Amendment Bill [B18-2017]

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Submissions are now closed (since 15 June 2018)

Defence and Military Veterans

The Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans invites you to submit written submissions on the Defence Amendment Bill [B18-2017].

The Bill aims to:
-include the Chief of Staff in the Military Command of the Defence Force;
-clarify the process regarding the implementation by the Chief of the Defence Force of the delegation of powers and assignment of duties to members by the Secretary for Defence as head and accounting officer of the Department; to provide for the employment of the Defence Force outside the Republic;
-simplify matters regarding identification cards issued to military police officials; to make a technical correction to the reference to the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, Limited in section 18;
-provide for the security vetting of contractors and service providers of the Department; to regulate the minutes of meetings of the Council of Defence;
-clarify that a person does not need the consent of an employer in order to enrol as, or to remain, a member of the Reserve Force;
-regulate anew the termination of service of members of the Regular Force;
-amend the requirements for legal representation of members;
-regulate the display of military decorations, medals and insignia;
-regulate the use of military uniforms, distinctive marks and crests;
-amend certain powers of the Minister to make regulations; and
-provide for the prohibition of access to military property or area

Comments can be emailed to Ms Mandy Balie at [email protected] by no later than 12h00 on Friday, 15 June 2018.

Enquiries can be directed to sent to Ms M Balie on tel (021) 403 3673 or cell 083 709 8431

The Department of Defence (DOD) commenced with the process of reviewing the Defence Act, 2002, during 2009.
The Defence Review, 2015, was completed and approved by Cabinet during 2014 and Parliament during 2015. The amendments to the Act do not emanate from the recommendations contained in the Defence Review, 2015, but are matters that have been identified as necessary to be addressed at this stage. The DOD is currently in the process of unpacking the Defence Review, 2015, and its effect on DOD structures, administration, and possible future legislative amendments to defence legislation may follow eventually. The draft Bill intends to align the Defence Act, 2002, with current departmental organisational requirements that will enhance the efficiency of the DOD.