National Minimum Wage Annual Review (2023)

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Submissions are now closed (since 08 September 2023)

The National Minimum Wage Commission invites you to submit written representations concerning possible adjustments to the national minimum wage for 2024. These representations will be considered by the Commission before it publishes its annual report and recommendations on the annual review of the national minimum wage later in the year.

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 can be emailed to the Directorate at [email protected] by no later than Friday8 September 2023.

The NMW Act of 2018 enjoins the NMW Commission to annually review rates and make recommendations to Employment and Labour Minister on any adjustment of the National Minimum Wage, while also reflecting on alternative views, including those of the public.

In considering the annual adjustment, the NMW Commission takes into account the following factors: inflation, the cost of living, and the need to retain the value of the minimum wage; gross domestic product; wage levels and collective bargaining outcomes; productivity; ability of employers to carry on their businesses successfully; the operation of small, medium or micro-enterprises and new enterprises; likely impact of the recommendation adjustment on employment or the creation of employment