WCPP: Constitution of the Western Cape Amendment Bill

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Submissions are now closed (since 27 June 2023)

Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP)

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament invites you to comment on the Amendment of the Western Cape Constitution

The purpose of amending the Western Cape Constitution is to increase the number of members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP). This will have a positive impact on how the residents of the Western Cape are represented in the WCPP. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is busy with a process to readjust the seat allocation  of provincial legislatures across South Africa.

This change is necessary to take into account the increase in population over the past 25 years. The idea is for all the provincial legislatures to have one member for every 100 000 residents of each province. As the Western Cape is not part of the IEC processes, for the WCPP to increase its seat allocation, it must amend the Western Cape Constitution.

Why is this change proposed?
▪ Since 1997, the WCPP has had 42 members.
▪ The number of members has not changed in more than 25 years.
▪ While the Western Cape had about four million residents in 1997, today the Western Cape has about seven million residents.
▪ An increase in the number of seats of the WCPP will enhance the WCPP’s ability to have oversight over the provincial government and to hold it to account on behalf of the people of the Western Cape. It will also improve the ability of the WCPP to make laws to improve the lives of the people of the Western Cape, and to facilitate public involvement in the processes of the WCPP.

What process is being followed?
▪ A bill has to be passed to amend the Western Cape Constitution to increase the number of seats of the WCPP.
▪ Public participation is an important part of this process.

What is this legislation called?
▪ The Constitution of the Western Cape Amendment Bill.

Comments can be emailed to Ms Lizette Cloete at [email protected] by no later than Tuesday, 27 June 2023.

You will also be able to make an oral submission by sending a voice note on WhatsApp to 079 876 7652

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