Nominations: Candidates for appointment to Electoral Reform Consultation Panel

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Submissions are now closed (since 05 June 2023)

The Minister of Home Affairs invites the public and interested parties to nominate fit and proper South African Citizens for membership to the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel.

Nominated citizens must possess the following qualities:

-Have the necessary skills, expertise, experience, knowledge, or academic qualifications in the administration and running of elections or constitutional law or electoral systems;

-Must not be members of Parliament or any provincial legislature; and

-Must not, in the past 12 months, have been office-bearers or employees of any political party


All motivated nominations indicating the prescribed requirements, and which must be accompanied by an acceptance of nomination duly signed by the nominated candidate must be sent to [email protected] on or before 5 June 2023

Any enquiries can be forwarded to Adv Malakate

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The Electoral Amendment Act 2023, having come into effect on 17 April 2023, requires the Minister of Home Affairs, in consultation with the Electoral Commission to appoint an Electoral Reform Consultation Panel. Appointment to the Panel is subject to the approval of the National Assembly. The Panel must consist of 9 members who must table a report on electoral reform recommendations within 12 months of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections.


The functions of the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel are to independently investigate electoral reforms for the National Assembly and Provincial Legislatures. The contemplated investigations would include conducting research and embarking on public consultations. The Panel must submit three monthly progress reports to the Minister and ultimately submit a final report with recommendations on potential electoral reforms. The final report must contain the advantages, disadvantages as well as financial, legal, and constitutional implications of each recommended option.


Electoral Amendment Act 2023 (view sec 23)

Parliamentary deliberations during the processing of the Electoral Amendment Bill

Electoral Task Team (also known as the Slabbert Task Team)