IEC: Deposit to be paid by registered parties and contestants contesting elections

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The Electoral Commission of South Africa has published a Notice inviting representations from interested person in respect of the amount of the deposit to be paid by registered parties and contestants intending to contest an election.

Comments can be emailed to Mr Kgosietsile Tshoke at [email protected] by no later than 4pm on Friday, 2 July 2021.

The proposed amounts are unchanged from those set in Municipal Elections 2016 and reflect a decrease of between 50 percent (for independent candidates and those choosing to contest a single ward), 12.5 percent (for those contesting metro councils) and 20 percent (for those contesting local councils) since Municipal Elections 2011.

Election Municipal Elections 2011 Municipal Elections 2016 Municipal Elections 2021 (Proposed)
Metro R4 000 R3 500 R3 500
Local Council R2 500 R2 000 R2 000
District Council R1 500 R1 000 R1 000
Ward R1 500 R1 000 R1 000

Under the proposal, a political party contesting all elections across the country (i.e. 44 District PR, 205 Local PR, 8 Metro PR and 4 468 wards) would pay a deposit of R482 000 for a total of 4 725 elections and ballot papers on which the party and its candidates would appear.  This compared to R605 000 for contesting all 10 elections in National (1) and Provincial (9) Elections in 2019.



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