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That week in Parliament

Showing posts from: May 2020

25 May 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster and Lockdown Regulations: Update 25 May 2020

Last week brought a lull in the publication of ministerial directives, with only three gazetted. They affect public passenger transport, motor vehicle licences and permits, and the reopening of mining operations. In addition, two announcements were...
25 May 2020

Government Gazette Highlights & Other Announcements

Having focused during April and early May on Covid-19 regulations and ministerial directives, the Government Gazette included several notices of more general interest last week. National Student Financial Aid Scheme An ‘independent investigation into...
24 May 2020

The Week Ahead: First Hybrid Sitting

There's a full and mixed flavour to the coming week's parliamentary business. The highlights include Question Time Session, Africa Day commemoration, special NCOP Virtual Engagement; Women’s Charter Review, legislative business, interviews and...
18 May 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations: Update 18 May 2020

COVID-19 STATE OF DISASTER AND LOCKDOWN REGULATIONS: Update (18 May 2020) To accommodate slightly relaxed lockdown measures under Level 4, amendments have been made to several ministerial directives. One has been repealed and clarity has been provided...
17 May 2020

The Week Ahead: Budget hearings & Legislation

It’s week five of the virtual Parliament. The legislature reached a milestone last Friday when it marked the 100th virtual meeting of its oversight committees. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a traditional, archaic and slow-moving institution...
11 May 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations: Update 11 May 2020

Several ministerial directives issued under Covid-19 lockdown Level 5 have been amended or, in some cases, repealed and replaced. They should be read with the 29 April disaster management regulations on Lockdown Level 4.   Courts A directive on the...
09 May 2020

The Week Ahead: Full week of budget-related meetings

It’s the second of week of budget-related meetings and the pace is quickening. The schedule is packed as Committees continue to interrogate departments and entities on their budgets, targets and priorities for the year ahead. As part of their...
05 May 2020

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations: Latest Update

COVID-19 State of Disaster & Lockdown Regulations: Update A new set of Covid-19 disaster management regulations was gazetted on 29 April, consolidating and replacing those issued on 25 March and since amended several times. Chapter 3 spells out...
03 May 2020

The Week Ahead: Focus shifts to budget-related matters

Due to COVID-19 and the accompanying restrictions, Parliament is a very different place: virtual meetings are scheduled on Monday’s (this is usually allocated for constituency work), public holidays and even in the late afternoon/early evening. And...