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That week in Parliament

Showing posts from: June 2019

24 June 2019

The Week Ahead: SONA Debates

The Week Ahead: SONA Debates The Sixth Parliament is slowing kicking into gear with four plenary sittings scheduled this week. The main events will be the joint debate on the State of the Nation Address on Tuesday  as well as the President’s reply...
19 June 2019

A note to the Sixth Parliament: Committee Membership

While most of the public attention is directed at the main chambers, MPs spend most of their times in Committees. Committees are the site where the real, substantive work (law-making, oversight and budget allocation) happens. Committees have more time...
18 June 2019

A Note to the Sixth Parliament: The critical role of Committee Chairperson

Chairpersons play a dominant role in organising the administrative affairs of a Committee and control its budget. In addition, he/she supervises the writing of the Committee's reports to the House (ensuring that the text presented in the House is the...
18 June 2019

9 Facts about #SONA2019

  1. What is the SONA? It is an annual address given by the President to a joint session of Parliament and marks the official opening of the legislature. It is designed to be a report on the economic and social state of the nation, and includes a...
10 June 2019

Gender and Age break down of provincial legislatures

  While all the attention is focused on the national legislature, it is easy to overlook the state of gender and youth representation in the 9 provincial legislatures. One province has achieved gender parity, while 4 have nearly reached this mark....
10 June 2019

Turnover, Youth and Gender: The Sixth Parliament

Becoming an MP can be a complex and difficult journey. In many respects, the job is viewed as one which requires experience and therefore suited to older people. Meanwhile, women face all sorts of hurdles when running for elected office. This includes...