ATC200806: Report of the Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities on filling of vacancies on the National Youth Agency (NYDA) Board, dated 05 August 2020

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities on filling of vacancies on the National Youth Agency (NYDA) Board, dated 05 August 2020


ThePortfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter referred to as the Committee), having considered the request by the Speaker of the National Assembly (NA),dated 25 July 2019,to fill vacanciesfor persons to serve on the board of the NYDA, reportsas follows:




The NYDA was established in 2009, following a merger between Umsobomvu Youth Fund and the National Youth Commission. The NYDA derives its mandate from the legislative frameworks, including the National Youth Development Agency Act (Act 54 of 2008), the National YouthPolicy (2015–2020) and the Integrated Youth Development Strategy. Section 9 of the NYDA Act stipulates that the Board consists of seven members, two of whom are Executive Directors. Members of the Board hold office for a period of three years and are appointed by the President, onthe recommendation of Parliament. The term of office of the NYDA Board expired on 31 May 2020.




  1. Establishment of the Sub-Committee


On 26 November 2019 the Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities and the Select Committee on Health and Social Services met,nominated and announced Members to serve on the Sub-Committee, in terms of the NA Rule 172 andNCOP Rule 106. In terms of the Rules, the Sub-Committee must report its activities to the principal committees – the Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with disabilities, and the Select Committee on Health and Social Services.The Sub-Committee programme was adopted on 3 December 2019.




The Sub-Committee is composed of the following Members of the Portfolio Committee and Select Committee:







African National Congress

Ms CN Ndaba

Ms M Gillion (Western Cape)

Ms FA Masiko

Ms AD Maleka (Mpumalanga)

Ms B Maluleke

Mr ME Nchabeleng (Limpopo)

Ms T Mgweba


Democratic Alliance

Mr L Mphithi

Mr MR Bara (Gauteng)

Economic Freedom Fighters

Ms N Khawula

Ms SA Luthuli (KwaZulu-Natal)




On 15 December 2019, Parliament advertised in various local, regionaland national newspapers, including the parliamentary website, invitingapplications for persons to serve on the NYDA Board. The deadline forapplications was 24 January 2020. A total of 680 applications were received. One (1) candidate withdrew and this brought the total number of curricula vitae (CVs) to 679. 


  1. Publication of CVs on parliamentary website


Candidates’ CVs were published on the parliamentary website on 27 January 2020 for civil society comments and transparency purposesand the closing date was further extended to 29 February 2020. The total number of viewership on the parliamentary websitestood at 26 364. Having published the applicants’CVs on Parliament’s website for public comment, the Sub-Committeedischarged its duties conscientiously and with all due regard to therequirements of thoroughness, openness and transparency.


All CVs and supporting documentation were catalogued by the Committee Secretariat and stored on a secure internal platform of Parliament, namely uVimba, which was accessible only to the Sub-Committee Members and the Sub-Committee support staff. These documents were accessible to Committee Members during shortlisting and throughout the interview process.







The selection criteria for the shortlisting of candidates was discussed and adoptedwith amendments in a closed meeting of 30 June 2020 and a revised version was presented in a Sub-Committee meeting of 1 July 2020.


The following criteria was used for screening and shortlisting:

  • A South African citizen;
  • Demographics and geographical spread of the Republic;
  • Knowledge (mandate of NYDA, NYDA Act, National Youth Policy and the Constitution)and experience on youth development interventions;
  • Sound judgement, high integrity, reliability, independence, team player and commitment to serve the NYDA mission and goals;
  • Proven track-record and performance on youth development (4th Industrial Revolution, economy, unemployment, social cohesion and substance abuse) initiatives, innovation and creativity, leadership and vision; and
  • Good governance experience.


The Sub-Committeeresolved to shortlist only 30 candidates. Shortlisting took place on 1 and 2 July 2020.The names of shortlisted candidates were published on the parliamentary website on 3 July 2020.




All 30 shortlisted candidates were subjected to academic qualification verification check and security clearance on the basis of adhering to Section 10 of the NYDA Act. A progress report on academic qualifications was tabled in the meeting of 4 August, and the report from the State Security Agency clearance was still outstanding.




The Sub-Committee decided on an interview guideline to ensure that the interviewprocess is fair and within the ambit of the NYDA mandate. The following interview guidelines were adopted:


  • Introduction by a candidate
  • Knowledge (mandate of NYDA, NYDA Act, National Youth Development Strategy and National Youth Policy)
  • National Development Plan
  • Good governance principles
  • Youth development experience
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Leadership and vision


The Sub-Committee also agreed on a 45-minutes interview schedule per candidate, which allowed for at least sixquestions. In addition, follow-up questions could be asked by any Member, to seek further clarity from a candidate.


The Sub-Committee interviewed twenty-nine (29) candidates between 27 – 28 July and again on 30 -31 July 2020. One (1) candidate did not attend the interview and was disqualified after the Sub-Committee resolved that no valid reasons were provided and as a result of the non-attendance, fruitless and wasteful expenditure was incurred for travel arrangements that were cancelled.


During the interviews, all29 candidates were assessedbased on the interview guidelines. The Sub-Committeeagreed that only Members who participated ininterviewing all 29 candidates will be eligible to deliberate in the process ofrecommending suitable candidates to the Board of the NYDA and to report to the principal Committees.


  1. Recommendations


The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities recommends the following seven (7) candidates for appointment by the President to serve as board members in the NYDA for a period of three years:


  1. Mr John Sifiso Mtsweni
  2. Ms KaraboMohale
  3. Ms Thuthukile Zuma
  4. Ms PaballoPonoane
  5. Mr LukhonaAfika Mnguni
  6. Mr AvelaMjajubana
  7. Mr MolaoliSekake


The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities has noted the objection of the Democratic Alliance.




The PortfolioCommitteeon Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities would like to assure citizens that it has complied with allsections of the NYDA Act in its recommendation of candidates for the appointmentto serve on the NYDA Board.


The Portfolio Committeeis confident that all candidates recommended for theappointment have an understanding of the NYDA mandate and arepassionate about youth development in the country. They are all fit andproper persons to serve young people in the country with distinction inaddressing socio-economic challenges facing the youth. ThePortfolio Committeewould like to thank all candidates for making themselves available to beconsidered for appointment as NYDA Board members.

Furthermore, the Portfolio Committee wishes to commend the Members of the Sub-Committee for their hard work and dedication shown throughout the process, and also acknowledges the support staff for their support to the Members.


Report to be considered.


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