ATC081016: Report on Broadcasting Amendment Bill

NCOP Public Enterprises and Communication

Report of the Select Committee on Labour and Public Enterprises on the Broadcasting Amendment Bill [B 72 – 2008], dated 16 October 2008:


The Select Committee on Labour and Public Enterprises, having considered the subject of the Broadcasting Amendment Bill [B 72 - 2008] (National Assembly – sec 75), referred to it, reports the Bill with proposed amendments as follows:


Clause 1


Clause rejected.


Clause 2


1.       The deletion of paragraph (a).

2.       The deletion of paragraph (b).

3.       The deletion of paragraph (d).


Clause 4


1.       On page 3, in the line 33, after the second “of” to insert “any or all of the following”.


2.       On page 3, in line 40, to omit “or” and to substitute “and”.


3.       On page 3, from line 42 to omit paragraph (b) and to substitute


“(b) The National Assembly may, by the adoption of a resolution, recommend the dissolution of the Board if it fails in any or all of the following-

                         (i)            [it fails to] discharging its fiduciary duties;

                       (ii)            [it fails to] adhering to the Charter; and

                      (iii)            [it fails to] carrying out its duties as contemplated in section 13(11)”.


4.       On page 4, after line 11 to add the following subsection:

“(5) A quorum for any meeting of the interim Board is six members”.


Long title


1.  To omit “to substitute the definition of ‘appointing body’”.



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