ATC150618: Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence [JSCI] on filling of the vacancy of the Inspector General of Intelligence, dated 17 June 2015

Joint Standing on Intelligence


Section 7 1(a) and (b) of the Intelligence Services Oversight Act (Act 40 of 1994) mandates the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (“the Committee”) to nominate a candidate for recommendation for an Inspector General of Intelligence to the National Assembly for approval and for the President to appoint.  The Committee considered the end of term of office of the Inspector General of Intelligence, being 31 March 2015, and thus advertised for applications in various newspapers from 19 to 21 December 2014 of which the closing date for submission of applications were on the 16 January 2015.


The Committee received 57 applications of which one was a late application and another applicant withdrew.  In terms of the Rule 11 of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (Schedule B) the Committee took a Resolution —

  1. to appoint a subcommittee to consider applications and  shortlist candidates to be interviewed;
  2. to perform this function in an open session;
  3. to pre-screen shortlisted candidates;
  4. to ensure shortlisted candidates complete a declaration relating to whether the candidate is fit and proper.


The Subcommittee met on 24 February 2015 and recommended 8 candidates to be interviewed.  This was approved and adopted by the JSCI and included:

  • Mr Cecil Valentine Burgess;
  • Mr Clinton Paul Davids;
  • Mr Mathe Matthews Diseko;
  • Mr Imtiaz Fazel;
  • Advocate Jayashree Govender;
  • Mr Smanga Phillip Jele;
  • Mr Andile Barnabas Kilifele and
  • Mr Mampogoane Petrus Nchabeleng.


The JSCI took a further resolution to conduct interviews on 17 and 18 March 2015 in closed sessions.


On 24 March 2015 after deliberation, the Committee did not nominate a candidate.  From 10 May 2015 the position was re-advertised with a closing date being 21 May 2015.  The JSCI received 58 applications of which one was a late application.  On 02 June 2015 the JSCI adopted a resolution in terms of Joint Rule 11 (Schedule B), that:

  • the interviews take place,
  • to invite the previous 8 candidates shortlisted,
  • a Subcommittee be established to consider applications and shortlist candidates from amongst further applications received; and
  • the shortlisting and interviews be held in an open session.


The subcommittee met on 03 June 2015 and recommended three more candidates.

Accordingly the Committee commenced interviews with eleven (11) candidates on 09 and 10 June 2015 as follows:

  • Advocate Jayashree Govender;
  • Mr Mampogoane Petrus Nchabeleng;
  • Mr Andile Barnabas Kilifele;
  • Mr Mathe Matthews Diseko;
  • Mr Imtiaz Fazel;
  • Mr Smanga Phillip Jele;
  • Ms Annalize Gerber;
  • Ms Desire Fouche;
  • Mr Mahlubandile Itumeleng Radebe;
  • Mr Cecil Valentine Burgess and
  • Ms Clinton Paul Davids.


The Committee met on 17 June 2015 to deliberate on the outcome of interviews and to nominate a candidate for filing the vacant position of the Inspector General of Intelligence. After deliberations, the Committee nominated Mr Cecil Valentine Burgess to the National Assembly to recommend to the President for appointment.


Report to be considered.







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