ATC140725: Report of 2014 of the Joint Rules Committee of the 5th Parliament, dated 15 July 2014:

Joint Rules

The Speaker of the National Assembly and the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, as Chairpersons, present the First Report of 2014 of the Joint Rules Committee of the 5 th Parliament, dated 15 July 2014:

1. The Joint Rules Committee, having considered a proposal for the amendment of the Joint Rules, recommends that the Joint Rules be amended as follows:

Joint Rule 120B to be substituted as follows:

120B. Membership

The Joint Standing Committee consists of the number of Assembly and Council members that the Joint Rules Committee may determine, subject to the provisions of section 228(3) of the Constitution, 1993, read with item 24(1) of Schedule 6 to the Constitution, 1996.

2. The Joint Rules Committee further recommends that the Joint Standing Committee on Defence of the 5 th Parliament be comprised of 13 members, as follows: ANC 9, DA 3 and EFF 1, the National Assembly to have 9 members on the committee and the National Council of Provinces 4 members.

Report to be considered.


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