ATC090630: Report Budget Vote 4 and Strategic plan 2009 – 2011 of the Department of Home Affairs

NCOP Health and Social Services

Report of the Select Committee on Social Services on Budget Vote 4 and Strategic plan 2009 – 2011 of the Department of Home Affairs, dated 30 June 2009:


The Department of Home Affairs briefed the Select Committee on their budget and strategic plan and highlighted the following amongst other issues:


  1. The Department will be introducing the smart-card system in order to streamline the identification process and eliminate fraudulent reproduction of identity documents.


  1. The documentation system will be digitised in order to eliminate storage of hard copies. This will improve the safety of documents.


  1. Centres of excellence in order to improve delivery of service are to be set up in some provinces and rolled out in all provinces over time.


The Select Committee, after considering Budget Vote 4 as well as the Strategic Plan of the Department of Home Affairs, raised the following concerns:


  1. Present legislation need to be reviewed and regulations need to be streamlined so that the security of the country and its citizens is not compromised.


  1. Security measures at ports-of-entry need to be more stringent.


  1. The management and implementation of the smart-card system to be properly explained to the committee.


  1. Electronic and digital systems need to be accessible to citizens in both rural and urban areas


  1. The role of centres of excellence should be clearly defined


  1. The Committee is concerned about the disclaimer in the Auditor-General’s report on 2009/10 financial report


  1. Mobile units should be adequately located and accessible in both farming and rural communities in order to maximise their usage


In conclusion:


The department will have to come back at a later stage so that strategic plan can be intensely dealt with.


The committee will engage with the department on a regular basis to deal with matters as they arise.


The Committee recommends that Budget Vote 4 be passed.


Report to be considered.



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