Hansard: NA: Unrevised hansard

House: National Assembly

Date of Meeting: 25 Feb 2021


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The House met at 14:03.



The Deputy Speaker took the Chair and requested members to observe a moment of silence for prayer or meditation.









The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon members, we continue to invite you in the interest of safety for you to keep your masks on and to stay in your designated areas.



Before we go to the first motion I would like to acknowledge in the gallery the famalies of members about whom we are going



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to be talking today. Welcome to Parliament and to the National Assembly. Thank you very much. [Applause.]






(The late Prof B Bozzoli)






That the House—



(1) notes with deep sadness the passing of Professor Belinda Bozzoli on 5 December 2020, after a prolonged and valiant battle with cancer;



(2) acknowledges that Prof Bozzoli served as a Member of Parliament for the DA in the National Assembly since 2014, where she continued to make an enormous contribution to the Republic’s higher education sector while serving as a member on the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training, and



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later the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education, Science and Innovation;



(3) recognises that Prof Bozzoli was regarded as one of the most respected academic figures in the Republic, and was the first sociologist to obtain an A-rating with the National Research Foundation;



(4) recalls that Prof Bozzoli held various senior positions at the University of the Witwatersrand during her illustrious career, including serving as the Head of Sociology, Head of the School of Social Science, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Acting Director of the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research;



(5) further recalls that Prof Bozzoli held a number of fellowships with a number of top international universities, including the Yale University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes et Sciences Socialles, and materialised her desire to advance, enrich and teach



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the social sciences, especially in the field of sociology, by contributing to and publishing several academic articles and books;



(6) remembers that Prof Bozzoli was a dedicated public servant who was passionate about bringing about real change and improving the lives of all the communities, but especially the community living in her constituency of Boksburg;



(7) further acknowledges that Prof Bozzoli was a highly valued colleague and that she will be sorely missed, her legacy as a patriot, a realist, a fighter, a mentor, a friend, an academic and a selfless public servant lives on through her extraordinary work;



(8) further notes that Prof Bozzoli is survived by her husband, Prof Charles van Onselen, and her three children;



(9) conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Bozzoli and van Onselen family, her colleagues and friends.



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Ms D P SIBIYA: Hon Deputy Speaker, hon members, House Chairperson, we today rember our late parliamentarians whilst in the hybrid system sitting. This is the basic expression of the changing times of which we live today. As the ANC in the Higher Education, Science and Innovation Portfolio Committee we acknowledge their contribution of all South Africans in advancing principles and values in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.As such, the loss of Prof Bozzoli is not only a loss to the DA and her family, but a great loss to the portfolio committee, Parliament, the academic fraternity and the nation at large.



Prof Bozzoli spent a great time of her life serving and leading in academia from the Head of Sociology at Wits, University to eventually being a Deputy Vice Chancellor at Wits University. Her commitment to the space academia and the postschool education and training sector granted various forms of recognition as a renowned academic. Her transition from an academia to being a parliamentarian is a transition which shows her yearning to serve and contribute to society as a sociologist.



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Higher education, science and innovation, play a critical role in human development, but also in the political, economic and social development of the country.



Coming from different political backgrounds and being committed to following through the policies and manifestos of our political parties, it is invertible that we would disagree with some of Mama Bozzoli’s views. However, it goes without contestation that as a critical member of the portfolio committee, she equally and greatly provided very objective inputs which bodes well for the postschooling education and training sector.



The late Prof Belinda Bozzoli held strong perspective on various matters on various higher education, from funding curriculum academic freedom and governance in the sector. Those that are serving in the Public Sector Equality Education, PSED, sector must commit ourselves in ensuring that the programmes outlined under this department meet their mundate to contribute to the development of our nation.



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Looking at the accolades of Prof Bozzoli as a reputable woman in academia, we must ensure that the department’s goals to expand a number of women in postgraduate studies is met.

Particularly to ensure that we produce more young black women academics and professors.



As we fight the current scourge of gender injustices in our country, let us acknowledge that Mama Bozzoli wes also a famenist scholar. In 1983 she published an article called, “Marxist Feminism and SA Studies.” In this paper, Prof Bozzoli speaks on what other Socialist and Marxist Feminist writers have said, in saying that they have revised and deepened our understanding and wider relations between gender, class and capitalism thus led to challenging of some of unquistioned views under Marxism.



As an academic and a scholar who would also focus on Marxism, she appreciated the essence of knowledge embeded in different schools of thoughts in bringing about the understanding of society.



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Thus allow me share with you that during one of our first meeting as one of of our portfolio committee meetings of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, in the Sixth Administration, Prof Bozzoli indicated great concern around the quality of the curriculum under the process of expanding funding of the postschool education.



We must commit ourselves in ensuring that as we change forth with expanding postschool education that the young people of this country are given a quality education that will give them the relevant skills and the knowledge to make them active participants of our economy. We must ensure that our education system provides all our people with an opportunity to explore and develop their potential despite their race, class, creed or sexual oriantation.



Our nation is confronted with tripple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. As such we should all build towards an equitable society. Again, as the ANC that remains to serving the people of South Africa. We complement all compatriots who advance and uphold the values and principles of our Constitution despite having contending perspectives



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This attitude is the mother of democracy and it breeds a dialectical relation which brings about development.



So, to the DA, our hertfelt condolences, colleagues.





Noma ngihamba esigodini sethunzi lokufa, angiyi kwesaba okubi.





To the Bozzoli family, we send our heartfelt condolences. To the husband and the three children, in Mama Bozzoli, you have lost a wife and a mother.










Thank you for sharing her with us as a nation.





Akwehlanga lungehlanga. Sonke sizomlandela.



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I thank you, Deputy Speaker. [Applause.]



Mr S TAMBO: The Deputy Speaker, the EFF sends its condolences to the late hon Professor Belinda Bozzoli of the DA, who passed away tragically last year. She was a committed servant of her organization and the country who despite our ideological and policy differences remained an upright servant of our nation.



We must speak for the record, that hon Bozzoli was an opponent in our quest for economic freedom in our lifetime. As far back as in her tenure at the University of Witwatersrand, hon Bozzoli in the distinct perspective on the sociological problems confronting South Africa and as an intellectual in her own rights, withstanding as an opponent, however it was the valuable one.



As an organization, the EFF cherishes the intellectual debate and what is known as [Inaudible.]     in our traditional school of thought. We are of the view that ideas can be sharpened and bettered to the process of vigorous interrogation and



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[Inaudible.] so that we able to express our policies with confidence and create an environment where superior logic prevails. This is a valuable contribution that Professor Bozzoli made and for that we extend our gratitude and respect.



The political space has suffered many loses across all political party lines and the toll continues to rise. These are servants of our nation who are part and parcel of our democratic order and conduct the duty of oversight diligently, to ensure that the social contract between those who govern and those who elected them is fair, free from corruption and that service delivery remains a priority.



We send our condolences to the DA and the Bozzoli family for giving us a servant, who despite all differences was able to conduct her work of oversight diligently and present her views without fear or favour. I thank you.



Mr S L NGCOBO: Deputy Speaker, the IFP would like to express its deepest condolences to the DA, as well as the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Belinda Bozzoli who passed away in December last year. Prior to her election to the



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National Assembly in 2014, Professor Bozzoli made her mark at a highly regarded academic and published author. She completed degrees at the University of Witwatersrand and as well as the University of Sussex. She spent much of her academic career at the University of Witwatersrand where she became Deputy Vice Chancellor in 2002.



In 2014, after being elected as a Member of Parliament for DA, she diligently served as member of the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training, as well as the DA’ Shadow Minister for Higher Education and Training.



 Professor Bozzoli was re-elected in 2019 and continued to serve as the DA Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology.



Professor Bozzoli was kindhearted, attentive and knowledgeable and she also sort to learn from others. She was known to be deeply committed to higher education in South Africa and described by DA as being a true patriot. A fata of principle and true principle.



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Her former employer the Witwatersrand University, described her as an illustrious academic and strategic leader. We would like to pay tribute to Professor Bozzoli in her lifelong commitment as well as the contributions she made towards strengthening and uplifting higher education in South Africa.



I again echo the heartfelt condolences of our leader in Parliament; Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi and all of the IFP members in the National Assembly. May her soul rest in peace. Ulale kahle qhawekazi [ rest in peace heroine]. Thank you.



Mr W J BOSHOFF: Deputy Speaker, when I realized that I was appointed by my Party to the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education, Science and Technology, I also course realized that it would be daunting privilege to share a seat to that committee with Professor Bozzoli, that is because...of course we are political opponents, we do not share all our believes but on the other hand she is a bigger highly regarded academic.



With an extensive experience in that area, and will definitely be somebody with a whole lot to contribute, which I



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[Inaudible.] already from 2014 to 2019. I met her once when the committee was constituted and to my surprise I learn that my late mother grew up in the same street where she had family members, that’s just accidental but in sense it was a very interesting connection between us.



It was really concerning to hear that she was seriously ill and she was prevented by this illness to attend this physical series of Parliament [Inaudible.] committees and in fact, I think anybody of the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education, Science and Technology would agree that it was one of the advantages of the virtual era [Inaudible.] in the state of lockdown, that we had access with the wide experience [Inaudible.] of Professor Bozzoli once again.



As it is the case with cancer it has away to sometimes it seems as it’s going away [Inaudible.] and then it [Inaudible.] therefore it was again at this instance, final [Inaudible.]

in December Professor Bozzoli has left us on this part of the gab is between life and death [Inaudible.]



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From the side of the FF Plus we convey our condolences to her family and Professor Charles van Onselen who I have never met [Inaudible.] shortly for just for the moment [Inaudible.] of children [Inaudible.] carry them in our prayers and our thoughts. Thank you very much.



Mr S N SWART: Deputy Speaker, the ACDP would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late DA MP Professor Belinda Bozzoli, like our colleagues have done. [Inaudible.] an illustrious academic that shaped the hearts and minds of her students and colleagues in South Africa and worldwide to have [Inaudible.] with.



In a moving tribute to her colleagues Professor Chaterine Burns refers to hers as a bright ever, beautiful life that dripples far beyond South Africa.    So, beyond featuring greetings in Parliament, I didn’t have much contact with Professor Bozzoli and I did feel sorry that I didn’t do that given that I could have learnt so much from her.



Life is indeed vision as I have said before, like a vapour. We are we are reminded this in the Book of Joyous. We need to



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live our lives with that in mind [Inaudible.] it fulfills our purpose of destiny [Inaudible.]      as the motion states Hon Bozzoli was an accomplish Professor of sociology at Wits. She had fearless and independent mind [Inaudible.] rejecting patronizing [Inaudible.] analysis of suffering, [Inaudible.] and the struggle to be free human beings.



Her colleagues Professor Burns adds further that:



as a attribute to our lives would not be complete without noting her obnoxious humour, t[Inaudible.] and even fair fines honesty, as she urged her students and colleagues, to help to build one of the world’s greatest universities.



In building [Inaudible.] and fought against the [Inaudible.] state assets. The ACDP agrees that she left a huge legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, Professor Charles van Onselen and the three adult children, as well as her colleagues in the DA. May her soul rest in peace. I thank you.



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Mr N L S KWANKWA: Deputy Speaker, Nqabayomzi Lawrence Saziso Kwankwa, thank you, Deputy Speaker, it’s a pity that we are paying tribute to outstanding leaders such as Prof Bozzoli who have made a sterling contribution to South Africa and who was outstanding in her parliamentary work before I come to her academic record.



We do so at a time when this gathering is overshadowed by a racist incident that took place at ENCA yesterday when we are trying to work together to build the better South Africa for all. By the way I was not aware of what happened up until later on when the video was shared with me. What we demand and want is accountability and not a patronising apology from the station. Because clearly, they have a different set of rules for black people and black leaders and a different set of rules for white leaders and white people. I have seen that in videos that had been compiled by friends – yes, you must check it! You will see. Without deviating from the subject at hand, I apologise hon Steenhuisen for that, it had to be addressed.



Professor Bozzoli was an outstanding academic who followed her


father’s footsteps, Professor Bozzoli who served at the helm



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at Wits as the vice-chancellor and principal from 1969-1977. This undeniably remained a family trait for Professor Bozzoli to serve in a variety of roles at Wits but leading sociology in particular.



Professor Bozzoli was an outstanding A academic by the National Research Foundation in 2006, the first sociologist in the country to obtain this rigorous peer-reviewed ranking which recognised her as a world leader in her field.



We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the UDM to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and the DA of the late Professor Bozzoli. May her soul rest in eternal peace. I thank you very much.



Mr C H M SIBISI: Deputy Speaker, the NFP was shocked and saddened by the passing of Professor Belinda Bozzoli. We would like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Professor Bozzoli’s family, friends and all political family. Professor leaves behind a very impressive resume and through her experience she had so much to offer to the South African political [Inaudible.]



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We are indeed saddened that this country has lost another member of the society and of Parliament who was committed to contribute towards driving a change in this beautiful country of ours. We wish her family, friends and professional family strength and courage as they deal with this great loss. May God bless her soul. Thank you.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Deputy Speaker, as a graduate in sociology, I am very saddened to hear of the passing of the hon Belinda Bozzoli who has been an inspiration to her sociology students. The Aljamah is sharing the sadness of the Bozzoli family and friends, the Leader of the Official Opposition, colleagues in the DA and all Members of Parliament.



We wish her internal peace and may her family find solace in the loving memory they hold in their hearts and minds. Thank you very much, hon Deputy Speaker.



The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The Chief Whip of the opposition, hon


Mazzone. I don’t have an indication of anybody else.



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Mr D W MACPHERSON: Deputy Speaker, it is the hon Baxolile Nodada who is going to speak on behalf of the DA.



The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Where is he. Why does he not assert himself?



Mr B B NODADA: I am here Deputy Speaker.



The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Go ahead ntate.



Mr B B NODADA:          Prof, as I fondly called her, even though she insisted otherwise, a leader that calls it out like she sees it despite what the popular view would be. For a short while I got to know her as a free mind, passionate about educational and we can achieve some kind of equilibrium in a completely unequal society.



To challenge the status quo and norms is to find the most forgotten in academia and science. She cared passionately about our education system. She fought that higher education, science and innovation, creates and protects pockets of excellence, and most importantly, improves in order to produce



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quality outcomes for socio-economic opportunities for many. All is intrigued by what brought societies together and what separated them.



Prof Bozzoli is being remembered many as an academic with a formidable intellect and inspiration to all academics. Her passing is a tragic loss for higher education and the country

- I would go as far as saying education science and the system of innovation generally, in South Africa and the world.



Professor Adam Habib described her as an incredible academic and scholar. She moved on to become senior executive of the university and in every position that she held lifecycle, she left an indelible mark.



Retired Constitutional Court Judge, Edwin Cameron expressed the following and I quote:



She was more than just a top right academic and more than just an inspiration to other academics. She was also simply a joy to have on council. She was alert,



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observant, witty, and often very funny. She didn’t say


much, but what she said had a powerful, intrusive impact.



Professor Thuli Madonsela further said and I quote:



As an academic, she helped shine a spotlight on the intersection between race and class exploitation during apartheid..



She was also remembered by Wits student Thandile Tswadi with following words and I quote:



I don’t know the dearest Professor Bozzoli, but I knew as an undergraduate student at Wits that she would add her voice against racism and discrimination of any form as it is [Inaudible.]



Others will remember her very closely, including myself. For me personally, as a former deputy shadow Minister to her, a young member of the DA in this House, professor was a powerhouse that would challenge your thinking about the



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problems facing education and thoroughly interrogate more solutions to produce quality outcomes.



I have the utmost respect for the space she has given me for ideas which were often refined by her intimate wisdom. When she was going through the most we literally became family until her last message she sent me which I will fondly remember.



To honour her legacy and the opportunity she has laid out for many, I will continue to fight for the relevant quality education system that does not leave anyone behind especially the poor and the most vulnerable with the colour of your skin, gender, religion, ethnicity and your geographical location don’t determine your future.



I will demand excellence like she would like me to in the work we ought to do, for the future of this country, so that no one is consigned to a lifetime of poverty, inequality and [Inaudible.]



Page: 24


Her family says it will miss her wonder and gentle yet brave nature.



Her son, Gareth van Onselen, gave an emotional tribute during the Wits memorial. He said and I quote:



Our mother loved beautiful things. She devoured books and art and music and drama. She revelled in science and technology. She marvelled at architecture and engineering and medicine. She was in awe of nature and biology. It’s worth saying that she was brave in other ways too, astoundingly brave in both her life and death. But it’s the world of ideas ultimately that is poorest at my mom’s passing.



The DA would like to send its utmost sincere condolences to Professor Bozzoli’s family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for sharing her with us and the world.





Wanga umphefumlo wakhe ungaphumla ngoxolo.



Page: 25




Rest easy Prof Bozzoli. I thank you.



The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon members that concludes the Speaker’s List on Professor Bozzoli. I take it there are no objections to the motion being adopted. Members, please rise to observe a moment of silence in memory of Professor Bozzoli.






(The late Dr P P Dyantyi)



The CHIEF WHIP OF THE MAJORITY PARTY: Deputy Speaker, thank you very much to hon members of this House, and to the family members at our gallery today. I move without notice:



That the House-



(1) notes with sadness the untimely passing of ANC Member of Parliament, Dr Pumza Patricia Dyantyi, who passed on Monday, 7 December 2020;



Page: 26


(2) acknowledges that Dr Dyantyi became a Member of Parliament after the National General Elections in 2019, and was assigned to serve in the Portfolio Committee on Health;



(3) also remembers that Dr Dyantyi had previously served in many government positions including as Mayor of Mbhashe Local Municipality, in Amathole Region. She became a member of the executive council, in the Eastern Cape government where she served as a health MEC as well as, social development MEC, respectively;



(4) recalls that her career within the ANC spanned decades and she served in uMkhonto weSizwe as a soldier and a nurse during exile in Angola, before she moved to the Cuban School of Medicine and earned a degree in medicine;



(5) further recalls that whilst in uMkhonto weSizwe, she was a Section Commissioner and part of the Muncanda Detachment, Company One, Platoon Two, where she



Page: 27


survived the notorious bombardment of Novo Katengue in 1979;





(6) kananjalo siyaqonda ukuba xa bekuthethwa ngalo Mthetho oYilwayo weNkonzo zeMpilo ezifikelelekayo, eyaziwa ngokuba yi-NHI, ubetshotsh’entla kuba ubefuna impilo elinganayo kumntu wonke.





(7) believes that her departure is a great loss to the entire country, she left us at a time when the we face serious challenges requiring her expertise, ...





... njengoko ubengugqirha uphum’izandla efumene


uqeqesho eCuba.



(8) conveys its deepest condolences to Dr Dyantyi family and friends. I so move. Thank you.



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Ms S GWARUBE: Deputy Speaker, there is a widely held perception that many members of this House are sworn enemies, that perhaps we despise each other, and we would not even greet each other in the corridors. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. We are opponents, but we are not enemies. We may represent different political parties, but ultimately it is my belief that, we believe in serving the people of South Africa in one way or another.



No one embodied that more than the hon Dr Pumza Dyantyi. She was an immaculate professional. She had years of experience in the industry, but always had such a curious mind. She was always so keen to learn, whether it was from industry experts or from younger Members of Parliament, MPs who would teach her about Instagram stories and the like.



I got to know this formidable woman well during our many long hours on the road during the National Health Insurance, NHI public hearings in 2019 and 2020. We travelled thousands of kilometres crisscrossing the country to every dorpie in every province. Soon, I affectionately called her, uMam’uDyantyi.



Page: 29


Not out of difference because of her age, but because that was her name to me.



You see, uMam’uDyantyi never held the view that we needed to treat other differently because we had a huge age gap between the two of us, or that I belonged to a different political party, no. We shared mutual respect from one another. She respected every member of our committee and was always so quick to express gratitude to staff members who supported the committee.





Ndiyambulela umam’uDyantyi ngokusifundisa sonke thina bantu basebenze naye ukuba, nangona sikwezopolitiko nje singabantu, kwaye apha size kukhonza abantu boMzantsi Afrika. Ukuva kwam ngokusweleka kwakhe, ...





... I was absolutely gutted.






Page: 30


Ebengomnye wabantu ekomitini yam obethetha kumanyelwe kuba igalelo lakhe belisoloko livakala. Ebesithi noxa kunzima kwaye, kungavunyelwana abe...





...measured, considered and solutions orientated.





Silahlekelwe ke siyila Komiti yeMicimbi yeSebe leZempilo. Isizwe sethu silahlekelwe ngumntu obebathanda abantu. Umntu obezimisele ukusebenzela isizwe sakhe.





On a personal note, one of my favourite memories of her was when we conducted hearings in the Eastern Cape. We happened to have hosted a meeting in my home town eQonce. My family came to listen to the discussions around the Bill.





Ukuphela kwentlanganiso, umam’uDyantyi waya kumama wam naye phofu ongasekhoyo ngoku, wamxelela ukuba umele azingce ngemisebenzi yakhe.



Page: 31




So, when my own mother passed away, she was one of the people who called to check how I and my family were doing.





Phambi kokuba abeke ifoni umam’uDyantyi, la fomu ibizwa ngokuba yi-Q2, wandingxolisa ekugqibeleni esithi, ungafekethi ke Gwarube, kufuneka uqine ngoku.





We rarely ever shared such deeply personal memories apha ePalamente (here in Parliament) but that entire exchange ...





... kamama uDyantyi nomama wam ...





... will forever be etched in my memory.





Njengokuba sixhelekile kukulahlekelwa yile ntombi, ...



Page: 32




... I can only imagine the pain that her family must be feeling. I do want to leave them with these words ...





... siyanibulela ngokusiboleka umama wenu, umakhulu wenu, udabawo wenu. Sifundile kakhulu kuye, ngakumbi thina bantu basebatsha. Iimfundiso zakhe ndakuzisebenzisa kulo msebenzi unzima kwaye ubalulekileyo. Lalani ngenxeba ke bantu bakwaDyantyi.





Rest in the knowledge that she made an indelible mark in her country, and long after she is gone, she will forever be remembered for the contributions that she made in the space.





Mayiphumle ke le ntokazi, ugqatso ilufezile.





We can only hope that, you as the loved ones can take some comfort in that. [Applause]



Page: 33


Dr S S THEMBEKWAYO: Deputy Speaker, the EFF would like to pass a word of condolence to the family of Dr Pumza Dyantyi. Let her memory give you comfort and her legacy live through all, including the ANC and colleagues. Your loss is our loss too.

May her soul rest in peace.



The sudden death of Dr Pumza Dyantyi indicated a great loss to the Portfolio Committee on Health where she was serving, especially because it happened during the time when our nation was facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Her competency, pliability and determination will continue to be dearly missed in challenges of health facing our country.



Dr Pumza always had a smile and a kind word. She was a joy to know through her extraordinary character, that made her to be admired by those who knew her. Your kindness and smile which attracted people towards you, will be dearly missed.



Her commitment as a member of the Portfolio Committee on Health was remarkable. During our virtual committee meetings, she would even login from her hospital bed and still manage to



Page: 34


make meaningful contributions. Your meaningful contributions will be dearly missed.



She will be remembered as a member who displayed a high rate of respect to all members of the committee. When there were heated arguments between members, she would speak with a soft voice but command respect an order, that would ultimately lead to the abrupt end to the arguments and no one would continue thereafter. Your swift interventions will continue to be missed.



Dr Pumza was a person who would appreciate every single opportunity given to her, to deliberate on issues of the committee and any health related matteres. Your sense of appreciation, will be missed too.



Like a phoenix, you rose from ashes. Like an eagle, you shifted to the greatest heights. Like a peacock you walked with pride, and showed off your gorgeous feathers. Like a mother hen, you covered your chicks under your wings for protection. Your presence was positively contagious. It lit up the room when you entered it. You were humble yet firm, a



Page: 35


woman who knew what she wanted to achieve in life.      May your humble soul continue to rest in eternal peace. Thank you.





USEKELA SOMLOMO: Cisha! Cisha! Cisha umakhalekhukhwini. Cisha umakhalekhukhwini. Awuwuvale umakhalekhukhwini.



Ms M D HLENGWA: Hon Deputy speaker, family of Dr Phumla Dyantyi and others, it is really deep sadness that the IFP heard of the death of Dr Pumza Dyantyi. I wish to extend on behalf of the Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the President of the IFP and the IFP Parliament caucus, our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dr Pumza Dyantyi, her colleagues in the ANC and those members that served alongside her in the Portfolio Committee of Health.



Hon Pumza Dyantyi in her capacity as the former member of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature and the more recent member of the Portfolio Committee of Health served her role with dedication, respect and honour. In her long career, she has fought for liberation and she remained committed to the truth in fulfilment of her duties as a Member of Parliament, despite



Page: 36


of the obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic. She remained intensely committed to fulfil her oversight committee duties by even asking the Minister of Health to be accountable as her own heath was detereorating.



The passing of Dr Pumza Dyantyi remains in us that, the work of the public representative is humbly worked. She lived by passion, dedication and she had a vision for a better future for all who lived in the country. In this unpredictable time, we need to remind ourselves of this commitment, to ensure a better life for all South Africans. Hon members, let us honour the life of Dr Dyantyi in fulfilling our oversight duties as the Members of Parliament, and holding the Executive accountable to the people of South Africa.





Kubantwana bakwa-Dyantyi ngithi kubo, kukhona amaHubo 121 la kuthiwa, “Ngiphakamisela amehlo ami ezintabeni; usizo lwami luvelaphi na? Usizo lwami luvela kuJehova owenzile izulu nomhlaba”. Uze athi, “Akayikuvuma ukuba unyawo lwakho lushelele”. Ngakhoke ngeke avume bantabami. Lala ngoxolo, Mama u-Dyantyi. [Ihlombe.]



Page: 37


Mr P A van STADEN: Deputy Speaker, all of us in the committee were shocked when we received the news on 7 December 2020 of the passing of Dr Pumza Patricia Dyantyi. Upon my arrival here in Parliament as a new member in 2019, I still remember our very first encounter with each other during the very very portfolio meeting of Health which was held here in the Mark’s Building. In that morning, this friendly lady came to me to introduce herself, and immediately we clicked, and started to ask questions to one another about our families and about our lives.



We did not spend our time together due to Covid, but by the times we did spend it together, was not only in the committees, but in the long hours on the road for the National Heath Insurance, NHI, public hearings. Every morning, she would ask if I am going to ride with her and the Chairperson in the Chairperson’s combi, you remember, and then in the whole trip she would tell us about where she lived, what she did in her life, where she came from, etc. The most interesting, was during our trips in the Eastern Cape, the knowledge she had of the area and the history was really something special.



Page: 38


She was a woman who really believed in South Africa, who served South Africa and its people and she also belived that what she did was the right way to do. Her passing is a great loss, not only for Parliament, but for South Africa as well. The FF Plus wishes to convey our our deepest condolences to the family, friends, colleagues of the hon member, and to the ANC caucus. She will be missed in Parliament and in the Portfolio Committee of Health. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

Thank you, Deputy Speaker. [Applause.]



Mr W M THRING: Hon Deputy Speaker, after listening to the comments and doing some reading on the late Dr Pumza Dyantyi, I certainly wished that I had met her and interacted with her. Sadly, that isn’t possible. On behalf of the President of the ACDP, the Rev Dr Kenneth Meshoe, our leadership and members, we wish to extend our condolences to the family, relatives, friends and members of the ANC, for the loss of the hon Dr Pumza Dyantyi, the Member of this Parliament.



Dr Dyantyi joined Parliament at the same time that I did, in 2019. She served in the Portfolio Committee of Health, and clearly, health issues and in particular, primary health care,



Page: 39


was her passion. She dedicated her time, her gifts and talents to fighting the scourge of HIV and Aids. In this way, she was a role model to many. She campaigned for healthy communities and a healthy south Africa



It was evident, that she diligently applied her extensive experience and knowledge to strengthening the oversight programme of Parliament, including over government’s response to the COVID-l9 pandemic, while serving on the Portfolio Committee on Health. It must be said, that her passing leaves a void that will be difficult to fill. I wish to leave the family, relatives, friends, her colleagues in the ANC and this Parliament with the Scripture in Matthew 11:28-29, Jesus said:



Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from

me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my

burden is light.



May the Soul of Dr Pumza Dyantyi Rest in Peace. I thank you. [Applause.]



Page: 40


Mr N L S KWANKWA: Deputy Chief Whip, I beg your pardon.








Mr N L S KWANKWA: Deputy Speaker, grant me atonement please. On behalf ...





... ndiyabona ukuba yile nto yokukhululiswa isifonyo pha phandle le indigqwetha ingqondo namhlanje.





On behalf of the UDM, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends ...





... nombutho ka Gqr Pumza Dyantyi. Sifuna ukuthi, le nzalelwane yaseNgcobo, eMpuma Koloni, kula ngingqi yayisaziwa njenge-Transkei. Siyayazi ukuba ibiligorhakazi elithe lawulwela umzabalazo. Abanye bethu bekwazi nje ukuma kule ndawo batekete, baqingqe, kungenxa yemisebenzi yabo. Sithi ke



Page: 41


ngoko, mabaphumle kakuhle nangoxolo kuba thina siza kuthathisa apha sibheke phambili. Sinoxanduva olunjalo njenge sizukulwana esincinci esiza emva kwenu.



Okunye okubalulekileyo, yindima ayidlalileyo kwiKomiti yeMicimbi yeSebe lezeMpilo apho ebethatnda ukuthi ...





...the Natiuonal Health Insurance, NHI, sheme, should be acceccible like McDonald, as you know what you would get at what price, and the prices are the same everywhere. That is after you have taken into account ethority pricing, obviously.





Sithi ke ngoku kuye, makalale ngoxolo, aphumle ngoxolo. Sitsho njalo nakusapho lwakhe nakuyo i-ANC, kuba ezi zezinye zeenkokeli eziphume izandla nebezize apha ukuza kusebenzela abantu boMzantsi Afrika. Yiseleni le ndebe mzi ontsundu nokuba iyakrakra, idalelwe nina. Menze aphumle ngonaphakade Thixo, umkhanyisele ngokhanyiso olungacimiyo. Siyabulela.



Page: 42


The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I assume that the ATM is still not here.


If I’m wrong, please let me know. Okay.



Mr C H M SIBISI: Deputy Speaker, the NFP was saddened by the passing of Dr Pumza Dyantyi. On behalf of the president of the NFP V Z Magwaza-Msibi, we would like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Dyantyi family, friends and her political family the ANC.



South Africa will forever be indebted to the Dyantyi family for lending it its daughter to contribute in the fight for the liberation of this country. We hope that her political home, the ANC, will honour her memory and her contribution to the liberation movement by putting our people first in all its endeavours.



South Africa is grateful for her contribution to the liberation movement and mourns the loss of its daughter ...





... iqhawekazi.



Page: 43




The NFP says ...





... ulale ngoxolo mntwana womzabalazo.





Thank you, Deputy Speaker.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Hon Deputy Speaker, we are sharing in the sadness and grief of the family of Dr Pumza Patricia Dyantyi who left this world just over two months ago.



She was their daughter. She was the special for her province and for Al Jama-ah she was the daughter of Parliament. We looked forward to her playing an important role in establishing the Standby Force for the African Union to silence the guns and bring peace to Africa, free of insurgence.



Page: 44


We trust that her legacy will be followed by the many whom she worked with and of which lives she touched with her spirit of generosity. Rest in Peace Dr Dyantyi.





Hamba kahle qabane!





Thank you very much, hon Deputy Speaker.



Dr S M DHLOMO: Hon Deputy Speaker, as the ANC we warmly welcome the condolences that have been delivered in this House by our colleagues from various parties on our late hon Dr Pumza Dyantyi.



Dr Pumza Dyantyi qualified with a Diploma in Midwifery and General nursing at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. The love she had for her country made her leave the country, a decision that she took to join Umkhonto Wesizwe.



After completing her military training in ANC camps in Angola, she went to Cuba to study and completed a medical degree.



Page: 45


After qualifying as a doctor, the ANC deployed her to work in Zimbabwe to support that country in their hospitals.



Dr Dyantyi returned to South Africa in the early 90s. She worked tirelessly assisting the ANC to relaunch the ANC structures. From 2000 to 2006, she became the mayor of the Mbhashe Local Municipality. In the Eastern Cape, she was further deployed as ...





 ... uNgqongqoshe Wesifundazwe kuMnyango Wezempilo waphinda wawuNgqongqoshe woMnyango Wezokuthuthukiswa Komphakathi.

Nalapho nami ngahlangana naye khona ngisabanjiswe wona uMnyango Wezempilo KwaZulu-Natal.





She became a Member of Parliament in 2019 and we then met again in the Portfolio Committee on Health.





Umama u-Dyantyi ...



Page: 46




... was like a glue in the portfolio committee ...





... uma sidonsana ngapha nangapha ...





 ... she would be in the middle assisting us. She was so motherly.





Futhi nami engikhuza athi, “Dhlomo, bulela phela lento eyenzekile la kuwe”.





She would also counsel me a lot ...





... athi, “Khawuyeke mani, uphambene lomntu”. [Ubuwelewele.]






Page: 47


And that assisted me greatly because I was able then to navigate the processes very well. While we’re crisscrossing the country, those long hours, she never missed any of those over 30 public hearing meeting that we held whether we were driving from De Aar to Springbok or we were driving from East London to Queenstown. While we were in the car, she would call many of her children or her relatives and say ...





 ... “seniziphile izinja zami?” Abuze ukuthi, “Kuphekweni lapho ekhaya?”





And I really appreciated it when we were doing the Eastern Cape as she insisted that when we are in Mthatha, we woke up and went to church and she led us ...





... sihamba nomama uHlengwa.





Each time we went to a B and B she would instruct me ...



Page: 48




... “Dhlomo, angilithathi igumbi elisesigabeni sokuqala,


uwena ozolala lapho mina ngizohlala la esigabeni esiphansi”.





So we would have to swop the rooms because she was saying ...





 ... “ngikhathele manje ngeke ngilokhu ngehla ngenyuka kule ndawo esihleli kuyona”.





Comrade Pumza left much earlier – her children and relatives –


before she could take me to the Eastern Cape to visit ...





 ... indawo engiyithanda kakhulu engifuna ukuyoyivakashela ekuthiwa kuse-Thafalofefe. Ngifuna ukuyobheka ukuthi lungakanani ufefe kule ndawo. [Uhleko.]






Page: 49


So I would really want to visit to visit Thafalofefe and she is no more and I would really like her children to assist me. As one of the hon members indicated, she was so selfless. In the last Social Cluster Questions to the Ministers, she asked a parliamentary question from her hospital bed. What dedication, you couldn’t ask for more.



We would strive that her efforts in crisscrossing the country on those public hearings for the National Health Insurance do not remain unnoticed. We would want to see a realisation of the National Health Insurance in the country in honour of Comrade Pumza Dyantyi, more so because her training in Cuba is the one that actually encouraged us.





Kuwo wonke ama-Xesibe, hamba kahle Mbatane, ugqatso lwakho ulifezile. Ngithi kule ncwadi yamaHubo 91 yilapho sithi, “uyokhosela khona” ...





... or, “God is our refuge” May her soul rest in peace.





Page: 50


Debate concluded



Agreed to, members standing.






(The late Adv L K B Mpumlwana)







apha ndisazisa kwaye ndiphakamisa ukuba le Ndlu-



(1) iqaphele ukuba siye sashiywa lelinye lamalungu ethu, utata u-Adv Loyiso Khanyisa Bunye Mpumlwana, othe wasishiya ngomhla wama-23 kweyoMnga 2020.



(2) sikwakhumbula ukuba u-Adv Mpumlwana ungene nje iinyanga ezintandathu kule Palamente yesiThandathu kuba ...






Page: 51


... he was sworn-in on 12 June 2020 as a Member of the Sixth Parliament;



(3) further remembers that in the Fifth Democratic Parliament, Adv Mpumlwana served in the Justice and Constitutional Development, International Relations and Co-operation and Constitutional Review Committee;





(4) eli gqala nomakhwekhwetha kwezomzabalazo, ubengumlweli wamalungelo oluntu, ezinikele kuyo yonke le minyaka ingama-25, ekubeni alwele ubulungisa phantsi koMgaqo-siseko omtsha, ukuze kubekho inguqu, ...





(5) further recalls that he was an effective underground operative in the 1980s ...





... engumrhubuluzi olwela inkululeko.



Page: 52


(6) sikwaqonda kananjalo ukuba, ekufikeni kwakhe kwesi sigaba ngala nyanga yesilimela, uye wathabatha inxaxheba phaya kwiSebe lezaMashishini kaRhulumente










... where he made a meaningful and remarkable contribution on the oversight work of the committee, and his contribution ...






... iye yabonakala ngexesha elifutshane.




(7) sivakalisa amazi ovelwani lusapho looTolo, ooDlangamandla, ooMchenge, ooVumba lempongo. Sitsho sisithi nakumama uMaxaba, makaththuzeleke. Siyabulela ngokusinika eli gorha linoburharha kangaka. Enkosi.



Mr G K Y CACHALIA: Colleagues, I am not speaking on this motion of condolence simply because of parliamentary protocol; I specifically requested to do so, not because I knew the late



Page: 53


Loyiso Khanyisa Bunye Mpumlwana but because I knew of him and what he stood for.



He re-entered Parliament mid-last year and served On the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public enterprises as I do. But because of COVID and the lockdown, my interactions with him were mostly virtual on the Zoom platform where he participated unfailingly as an insightful contributor.



It is times like these, however, both in life and death that we are united by a common humanity and a set of values. Loyiso Mpumlwana brought with him a wealth of experience, history and a track record in human rights activism which he focused upon after being admitted as an advocate in 1995. This was preceded by his role in underground political activities in the 80s during which period he was detained without trial and tortured before he went to exile under the apartheid regime.



Let us not also forget that he hails from a background best personified by Bishop Mpumlwana who serves as secretary- general of the South African Council of Churches. In that capacity, the Bishop warned that we have come to recognise



Page: 54


that South Africa may just be a few inches from the throes of a mafia state from which there may be no return — a recipe for a failed state. Prescient, telling and dare I say prophetic words.



He further chastised former President Zuma for his defiance of the Zondo Commission describing it as disappointing and regrettable for the people of South Africa. These are the values and the views that shaped the hon Mpumlwana’s persona that constituted the bread and butter on his political and familial table.



His untimely death departure, having fallen victim to the scourge of COVID-19, has robbed him of an opportunity to further exercise his deep-seated commitment to human rights at this Parliament at the time when those values are in short supply, as corruption runs rampant and factions rife and spoils at the expense of ordinary South Africans.



I have little doubt that he would exercise his agile mind and solid values well. May that legacy be filled by others. That’s the best way to honour the departed.



Page: 55


The DA extends its sincere condolences to the family of the hon Mpumlwana and to the ANC on his passing. Our differences notwithstanding, we say: May his soul rest in peace, and may the spear he passes on steer much needed values in your party.





Hamba kahle, Mkhonto!



Ms R N KOMANE: Chairperson, the EFF sends its heartfelt condolences to the ANC Caucus which is so hard hit by grief particularly during this time of the pandemic. We further extend our condolences to the Mpumlwana family who have lost a father, husband and uncle, and we pray for them through this trying time for the loss of their loved one.



It is so difficult for one to say to people it will be okay when you really know the pain they are in and you know you cannot do much to ease their pain and grief.



Hon Mpumlwana joined the public enterprise portfolio replacing one member of his party who had just passed on after conducting her duties as an MP, hon Dlamini. Since he joined



Page: 56


the portfolio committee, he executed his duties with diligence and respect to all members.



Although our world with him the portfolio committee was cut very short, we would always remember him for working hard to ensure that the committee executed its mandate without fear or favour and with professionalism.



We note with sadness that really we are losing many capable people in the country including Members of Parliament in the calibre of hon Mpumlwana, and we continue to pray that we find comfort in the Lord and continue to soldier on.



During this trying time of COVID-19 we have noted so many deaths. We say to the ANC in particular, may the Lord be with you. To the Mpumlwana family, we cannot say much but what we can as the EFF is: Let Lord be your comforter. With those words, may the spirit of hon Mpumlwana continue to rest in perfect peace. Thank you very much. [Applause.]



Mr N SINGH: House Chairperson and colleagues, the IFP joins the nation and our colleagues in the ANC in mourning,



Page: 57


celebrating and honouring the life of the late Advocate Loyiso Kanyisa Mpumlwana, who suddenly passed away on 23 December 2020. The advocate was admitted as an advocate in 1995 and practice as a human rights lawyer from 1997 until 2012. He then served in the National Assembly during both the Fifth and Sixth Democratic Parliaments. More recently he served in the Portfolio Committee of Public Enterprises.



As a member of the Fifth Parliament served on the Portfolio Committee of Justice and Constitutional Development, the Portfolio Committee of International Relation and Corporation, the Constitutional Review Committee and the Adhoc Joint Committee on Probing Violence Against Foreign Nationals.



The hon Mpumlwana was a lifelong human rights activist who dedicated his time to fighting injustice and inequality.

During the struggle against apartheid, he was detained without trail and tortured on numerous occasions before eventually going into exile.



His legacy is one of humility and discipline, as a servant of both his party and this nation. The IFP wishes to extend its



Page: 58


condolences to his family, friends and all those that knew him. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them and all others who have untimely pass during this difficult time. I thank you.



Mr W W WESSELS: House Chairperson, our deepest condolences... unfortunately Dr Mulder had a technical problem and can’t participate but I do want to extend our deepest condolences to the family, the friends and the ANC caucus. I thank you.



Mr S N SWART: House Chair, on behalf of the [Inaudible] and the leadership of the ACDP I would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late Advocate Mpumlwana. He practiced law as advocate with Chambers in Umtata from 1997 to 2012 and was a dedicated human rights lawyer, as other speakers have indicated.



He was also detained without trail a number of times, was tortured, before going into exile. He had a heart for the poor and was known to be in many cases pro bono, for free to ensure that justice was done.



Page: 59


We served together in the Fifth Parliament in the Constitutional Review and Justice Portfolio Committees. We are about to know the Advocate and as a lawyer we spent time together in the committees, oversight visits, talking, sharing our experiences.



He was sworn in to serve the Sixth Parliament in June last year and was then allocated to the Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee where [Inaudible.]



I remember seeing him outside the Chamber after June, after he was sworn in and it was very good to see him again, we warm and greet each other and shared some experiences.



He was conservative by nature; you wouldn’t have known that he served as an administrator of the Bible Society of South Africa in his earlier years. There were times in our committee meetings when he was the supporter of the ACDP’s approach on moral issues, as do many others in the House. This is unsurprising given the fact that his brother, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, Bishop in the South African Council of Churches, SACC and Ethiopian Episcopal Church.



Page: 60


Our thoughts and prayers are with Advocate’ family, his friends, the ANC colleagues [Inaudible.] May our heavenly father surround them and you in the House with His love and comfort at this time. I thank you.



Mr N L S KWANKWA: House Chair, ...





... kuwala masithathe eli thuba sibulele. Ndingakhange ndingene kwinkcazo ngobomi bukaTat’uMpumlwana, ndifuna ukuthi, uTat’uMpumlwana ngusibali kaTat’uFiltane kunkosikazi katat’uFiltane wokuqala. Ngela xesha besibeka uTat’uFiltane kwikhaya lakhe lokugqibela, bekukho mna, uTat’uMpumlwana, ohloniphekileyo uHolomisa, umntakwabo Tat’uFiltane, uMam’uFiltane nonyana kaTat’uFiltane.



Kuba ke le ntsholongwane idlula nabantu, bonke abantu esasihleli nabo kula tafile ngaphandle kwenkosikazi kaTata uFiltane, bathathwa yile ntsholongwane i-COVID-19, bedlula emhlabeni.



Page: 61


Kubuhlungu ke ukufumanisa ukuba usapho lonke luthe lwahamba ngolu hlobo. Sasihleli sonke etafileni sincokola ngezinto zomzabalazo, kuba kaloku ebeligorha lomzabalazo. Eyona nto ibibaluleke ngakumbi nalapha kule Ndlu, ebengumntu othanda ukunqwanqwada abantu acinga ukuba batsha kwaye bafuna ukubona indlela.



Mna bendingxoliswa yonke imihla ngesiXhosa, kusithiwa ndithetha isiXhosa samaRhanuga, ndibe mna ndicinga ukuba ndithetha isiXhosa esisulungekileyo. Ebethanda ukuthi, “le politiki le asiyiyo le yethu, le yenu nezinto enizenzayo zezobutsotsi”. Ebethatnda ukuyithetha rhoqo loo nto, umve esithi:



Ningafane nithethe iSingesi apha ngamarhanana, eli lizwe likhululekile nje kungenxa yethu, hayi nina.

Khanilikhulule ngenye indlela.



Xa ndiye ndathi kwintetho yam, iANC ngamasela, ebesithi xa endibona apha phandle ekunye noMam’uMantashe, andibethe kancinci apha esandleni athi, “andililo isela kuwe kwedini, ndakukuqhekeza”. Ebengumntu onjalo ke ezinikele kumsebenzi



Page: 62


wePalamente, kwaye ungacingi ukuba xa ungene kwiKomiti yeMicimbi YeSebe kuxoxwa, uzakudibana nebhetye-bhetye. Bekufuneka ube kanti uyazibona iimpukane ukuze ukwazi ukumphendula,kuba uzakubeka endaweni yakho.



Kusapho lakwaMpumlwana sithi, tutwini kuni akuhlanga lungehlanga. Utat’uMpumlwana masimyeke aphumle kuba olwakhe ugqatso ulufezile. Siyabulela.



Mr C H M SIBISI: House Chair, on behalf of the NFP, President D Z kaMagwaza-Msibi, we’d like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Mpumlwana family, to the ANC family and also friends.



South Africa remains indebted to the Mpumlwana family through the sacrifices that this brave man made to contribute to the liberation movement as an underground operative during apartheid.



Our hearts go to the Mpumlwana family, friends and colleagues and his political home.



Page: 63


The NFP sends its prayers for strength to his family, to his friends and colleagues. May God continue to strengthen them as they mourn the loss of their loved one. Thank you, Chairperson.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Hon House Chair, this Parliament is blessed to have many underground operatives, but they will not have a quarrel with me if I say that the Advocate was one of the most effective underground operatives during the 1980s’ struggle against oppression.



The Advocate will be remembered for his proactive role on many committees that he served and also investigations into acts of violence against foreign nationals in South Africa.



Those of my friend that served with as operatives felt very safe when he was around and there were certain of victories many times because of his presence.



While he was in the House I also felt safe. [Laughter.]



Page: 64


Our condolences, hamba kahle [rest in peace] Comrade Mpumlwana. Thank you very much, hon House Chair. [Applause.]



Mr K E MAGAXA: Hon Chairperson, hon Chief Whip, hon members, the family of Adv Loyiso Mpumlwana and all the families of the members we are remembering today, I greet you.



On behalf of the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises I wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of Adv Mpumlwana, his comrades, colleagues, his constituency at Umtata in the Eastern Cape, his organization, the ANC, and the entire society of South Africa.



When I met and started working with Adv Mpumlwana I was reminded of the isiXhosa and IsiZulu proverb ...





... elithi: “Isinamva liyabukwa”. EsiXhoseni eli qhalo lithetha ukuba, oyena mntu ubukwayo ngulowo wenze into entle ekugqibeleni. Kaloku abo benze kuqala sube sele belityelwe. Uthi ke umbhali wencwadi yesiXhosa u-E M Mesatywa, eli qhalo linentsingiselo efanayo neli lithi: “Ubukhulu abuphangwa”.



Page: 65


UDlangamandla lo simkhumbulayo namhlanje, ngumzekelo ophilayo wala maqhalo.





Adv Mpumlwana was born on 15 March 1947 which means he was


73 years-old when he passed on. He was the veteran of the liberation struggle, but those who worked with him will surely attest that he had a gene in him that refused to be old. [Laughter.] He had youthfulness about him about in the manner he engaged and debated and the energy he put in his work.



He matriculated in 1966 in St John’s College eMtata. He went to exile to wage the struggle for liberation of our people. He graduated with a BA Law Degree in Lusaka in 1987.



Our struggle was always ‘interrelate the education with the


struggle itself’.



He also obtained postgraduate qualification at the University


of London’s School for Commercial Law Studies in 1990.



Page: 66


Comrade Mpumlwana was admitted as an Advocate to the High Court in Umtata in 1995 and started practicing in 1997 at the tender age of 50 until 2012 when he became Chairperson of the Parole Board. [Laughter.]



In 2014 he was elected as a Member of Parliament. He was always frank and a straightforward talker and you could never doubt where he stood on matters, whether he’s correct or wrong, he was always clear. [Laughter.]



He was deployed to the Fifth Parliament where he served in various committees including the constitutional review committee, international relations and the Ad hoc committee that probed the violence against the foreign nationals.



He was nominated again to serve in the Sixth Parliament but he only sworn-in in June last year, owing to his position on the ANC list.



The Chief Whip deployed him to the public enterprise committee with us. In his unique way, Adv Mpumlwana decided to deploy himself to the justice committee. [Laughter.] One day he



Page: 67


decided to join a zoom meeting on that committee. His explanation was that he had not completed his task of transforming the judiciary. [Applause.] The most frightening he did, on a lighter note though, he contradicted the ANC study group position in that committee. The Chief Whip had to remind him that there were ANC members already deployed there to that committee. But everybody understood that Adv Mpumlwana was just being himself [Laughter.] always restless, energetic, always striving for fundamental transformation and always fearless.



Adv was well-known and respected, particularly in the rural areas in the Eastern Cape, his colleagues in the legal fraternity regarded him very highly and he did the House of Traditional Leaders in the province.



He was not just one to be concerned with people in high offices, I mean the honourables, the excellencies, the royal highnesses, he was in fact equally comfortable in the company of the rural peas and fork and the poor that he dedicated his work and his life to.



Page: 68


While he was practicing as a lawyer people from communities around Umtata phoned and visited his office whenever they received poor services in government offices. He always made time to listen and to follow up on such matters. He often fought for justice for the poor and even represented people in court for free.



At his funeral, at his home eNcambedlana, the Premier of the Eastern Cape, hon Premier Mabuyane, and other speakers paid tribute to him for his contribution in the underground of the ANC during the most difficult period in our country working together with the likes of the former Minister, Jeff Radebe. It was a period during which the choice to associate yourself with the struggle meant that one could face imprisonment, banning and even death. Most of the current social media and peacetime radicals runaway, some even did the most cowardly act of deserting the camps.





UTolo ke wayethanda ukuthi ngelo xesha, undlukulu womzabalazo wawuseLuheweni, apho wayesebenza khona nootata



Page: 69


uChamel’ehashini, ootata uXhokololo nabanye. Isinamva







At the age of 72, in September 2019, he was nominated by his colleague in the legal profession, Adv Matyumza, and Chief Nomwelo Nonkonyana on behalf of Congress of Traditional Leaders of SA, Contralesa to be considered for the position of Deputy Public Protector.



After surviving the horrors of apartheid prosecution and exile, uDlangamandla [clan name] departed from the stage in December 2019. We’ll miss him in Parliament.





Kusapho lwakhe, ooTolo, ooMchenge nooXaba sithi, lalani ngenxeba. Akuhlanga lungehlanga. Ugqatso ulufezile uBawo uMpumlwana. Hamba kakuhle qabane.



Debate concluded.



Agreed to, members standing.



         Page: 70 MOTION OF CONDOLENCE


(The late Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala)



The CHIEF WHIP OF THE MAJORITY PARTY moved: Thanks House Chairperson, I move without notice:



That the House –





(1) iqaphele ukuba inxeba libanzulu ngakumbi xa uzakuphakama uthethe ngabantu bakho. Apha sikhumbula uMama Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala othe ngexa yalo gilikanqo, walandulela eli ngomhla wama-26 kweyoMnga kowama-2021.





(2) acknowledges that since becoming a Member of Parliament in August 2018, during the 5th Parliament, she was re-elected to come back to Parliament in 2019, and she served in the Portfolio Committee on Basic



Page: 71


Education as well as on the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ Interests;



(3) further acknowledges that prior to her parliamentary work, she served as ...





...uSekela Sodolophu, woMasipala oMbaxa waseThekwini phaya kwiphondo iKwaZulu-Natal.





(4) understands that in the early 2000s, Umama uShabalala was the deputy secretary of the ANC Durban south region and a member of the SACP ...





... apho aye walilungu lekomiti yesigqeba ebizwa ngokuba yi-central committee, cc ukusukela kweyeKhala ngowama-2016.






Page: 72


(5) further understands that she was also an activist and a trade unionist of the then South African Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union, saccawu, an activist of the United Democratic Front, UDF, and a distributor of Speak magazine;



(6) recognises that her early political activism combined the struggle through trade unionism against exploitation, and the struggle against apartheid racial oppression ...





... esilwa nayo yonke imithetho yamadlagusha eyayicinezele abantu boMzantsi Afrika.



(7) further recognises that she served with diligence and was a hardworking humble servant of our people.





Sithi ke kuni booMshengu, Donga lamavuso, enkosi ngomama wenu, enkosi ngosisi, enkosi ngoda’dobawo enithe nasiboleka yena,



Page: 73


sasebenza naye siyi-ANC kule Ndlu yoWiso-mthetho yeSizwe. Enkosi.



Ms M B HICKLIN: Thank you so much, House Chair, I rise on behalf of the DA to join the chorus of voices mourning the passing of one of the members of this august House to the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping across the world.



Hon Francisca Nomvuzo Shabalala lost her battle against COVID-


19 on the 26th November 2020. We wish to pay our respects and offer condolences to her family, to the ANC and to the country at large. We have lost a true warrior and a mother of four who came from humble beginnings.



One of the main reasons she became such a community-driven activist who valued education above almost everything else, an ardent antiapartheid activist and a passionate trade unionist, who herself was not able to get the quality of education she fought for so hard to ensure the residence of this country get.



Page: 74


Hon Shabalala was a true servant of the people and was committed to the citizens of this country. Another one of her passions was her fight against gender domination and her abhorence gender-based violence. It was in this two spheres that her steely determination became most evident, especially in the areas of sex education, school related violence and empowering and fostering women’s participation in education.



Despite rising to the position of Deputy Mayor in the Ethekwini Municipality, she never forgot her people. This is very evident in the quiet manner in which she drove issues in the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education; a position she has held since the beginning of the Sixth Parliament in 2019. She attended committee meetings deligently and it soon became evident that her fight against injustice, exploitation and inequality made her a force to be reckoned with.



Hon Shabalala was passionate about our youth and the need to ensure equitable access to quality basic education for everyone in this country. She displayed a profound insight into municipal issues but it was clear to everyone that her real passion was education.



Page: 75


No community was too distant for her to be concerned about and no learner too insignificant for her to care about. She had a wonderful way of engaging with people and shared her vision for a great South Africa where quality education was a right, but this gentle manner hit the passion which saw hon Shabalala speak her mind when she witnessed injustice.



Politicians such as hon Shabalala do not come along every day. She was a real lady, dimunitive in stature but as tall as a giant in determination, grit and commitment. We could learn a lot from the courage she displayed in the face of adversity and in her fixity of purpose and perseverence to attain the goals she set for herself.



It is therefore with a very heavy heart that today we bid farewell to hon Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala. To her family, to the families of all those who have lost lives due to COVID-19 pandemic, we say; we mourn with you, we share your pain.





Hamba kahle, hon Shabalala.



Page: 76




May your soul rest in peace. [Applause.]



Ms N R MASHABELA: Thank you, House Chairperson, on behalf of the EFF, we send our heartfelt and deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues Umama uShabalala. We send our condolences to the ANC, the organisation she comes from and to the people of KwaZulu-Natal province where she came from.



It is a sad day that we meet here to talk about our departed colleague with whom we sat in the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education. Together, we did the best to hold the department to account, to ensure that textbooks were delivered on time to schools and to ensure that all the schools have the basic infrasturcture requirements to facilitate teaching and learning.



While her journey on this planet may have ended, the ideals she fought for will not die. We will continue the fight for quality education for all our children, particularly black children in townships and villages. May her soul rest in peace. Thank you, House Chairperson.



Page: 77


Mr S L NGCOBO: House Chair, the IFP joins the nation and our colleagues in the ANC in mourning, honouring and celebrating the life of the late Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala who sadly passed away on 26 December 2020. Hon Shabalala was a political activist and public servant for most of her life. Among her many achievement, the hon Shabalala served as the deputy chairperson of the ANC’s Durban South Region between 2001 and 2002. She then served as the deputy mayor of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality from 2011 to 2016. Hon Shabalala also served as deputy provincial chairperson of the SA Communist Party and was later elected to Central Committee of the SACP. Hon Shabalala was sworn as a member of the National Assembly in 2018 though she served only for a short period.

Her absence will be greatly felt.



She served in the Portfolio Committee of Home Affairs and the Portfolio Committee of Co-operative Giovernance and Traditional Affairs. Thereafter in the Sixth Parliament, she served on the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interests and the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education. Hon Shabalala will be remembered as a hardworking and reliable member whose passion for the most vulnerable learners was felt. She will be



Page: 78


missed. The IFP extends its condolences to the family, friends and comrades. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them and all others who untimely passed on during this difficult time. May her soul rest in peace.



Ms H DENNER: Hon House Chair, The hon Nomvuzo Shabalala was quite a remarkable lady. As we say in Afrikaans, she was a ...





... ’n klein botteltjie, maar groot gif.





... which means that even though she was a very small person


– I think she was about this tall – she had a large personality and made quite an impression on those who knew her and worked with her. Hon Shabalala sat next to em there at the back in the Chamber, on my left hand side. And as I said, she made quite the impression, especially with her sense of humour. Her work in Parliament in committees that she served on and the work she did in the community meant a lot to her, and she always talked passionately of it. Her greatest achievement though, was her family, whom she regulalry spoke



Page: 79


about. Her stories were often accompanied by pictures she showed me on her phone. I am also of the opinion that Nomvuzo Shabalala was President Ramaphosa’s greatest fan, verbally and loudly, always agreeing with every single thing he said during the course of his speeches here in Parliament. I did not know her well, but our short interactions were always pleasant, and I will miss her presence there at the back of the Chamber.



To her family, her loved ones, and her collegues, please accept our most sincere condolences. We are indeed sorry for your loss, and wish you strength and comfort during these trying times. I hope you find comfort in the words of a famous South African, J R R Tolkien when he said, “No, the journey doesn’t end here, death is just another path, one that we all must take.” I thank you.



Mr W M THRING: Hon House Chair, it was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of a colleague and a friend for over

20 years, the Hon Nomvuzo Shabalala. I first got to know her on 2000 where we both served as councillors in eThekwini Municipality. She later became the deputy mayor and the chairperson of the Economic Development and Planning



Page: 80


Committee, a committeee on which I also served. others have shared of her illustrious political career, but I just wish to share two moments, poignant moments for me – stories, memories that I have of the hon Shabalala.



The first was when we both arrived early for an Economic Development and Planning Committee meeting or imbizo at the hotel in Shongweni, just outside of Durban. She sat down after she arrived at the meeting and I had gone to make a cup of tea, and when I looked I saw her sitting and I asked, “Deputy Mayor, would you like to have a cup of tea?” She looked up in surprise and asked me, “Hawu Thring, are you offering me a cup of tea? And I said, yes, and she said thank you, I would have your tea. This innocence broke the ice that often exist between opposition political parties. But whenever we met, as our paths crisscrossed over the last 20 years, she would say, “Thring, how are you?”



The second memory that I have of her is when I discovered that we were both working here in Parliament and I discovered that she was not well. I could see that she was struggling. And I came to her and asked her how she is doing. She said to me



Page: 81


that it is only by the grace of God that she is still here. She told me that she almost lost her life and she shared with me the struggle that she was battling with at the time. And from that moment on I continued to share with her and informed her that we were praying for her and will continue to do that. As we spoke and as I encouraged her, my eyes at the time brimmed with tears as she said to me, “Thring, it was only God who spared me.” On behalf of the president of the ACDP, our leadership and members, I wish to pass our condolences to the family of my friend and her colleagues in the ANC, the hon Shabalala.



Allow me to share one of my favourite scriptures with her family, found in Phillipians 4 verse 8, even as I shared of my memories, you too have memories of your loved one, treasure them. And this scripture speaks of those memories and says, “Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are noble, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, and whatsoever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, think on these things.”



Page: 82




Hamba kahle dadewethu. Hamba kahle sisi wami. [Ihlombe.]





Thank you. [Applause.]



Mr C H M SIBISI: House Chair, the NFP was saddened by the passing of umama uNomvuzo Shabalala. On behalf of the NFP president, we would like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Shabalala family, to the friends and her political family, the ANC. We always remember 2020 as the year that changed many people’s lives. Some for the better and others for the worst. The pain of losing a loved one will always be unfamiliar. It is unfamiliar when you lose ...





 ... umama ekhaya njengoba umama ekhaya kuwuyena osuke azi ukuthi namuhla yiziphi izinto eziyokwenzeka noma uyohlela kanjani ehlelela umndeni wakhe uze uthole imfudumalo.





Page: 83


It is something one can never get used to. Be that as it may, the NFP wishes the Shabalala family strength, courage and resilience during this difficult time. May God bless you all and continue ...





 ... ukuniduduza. Nilale ngenxeba noma libuhlungu nina bakwaMshengu bodonga likaMavuso. Siyabonga.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Thank you very much, House Chair, Al jama- ah’s deepest sympathies go out to the family of Ms Nomvuzo Francisca Shabalala. We offer you our prayers and well-wishes during this very sad time.



Al jama-ah also extends condolences to the friends and colleagues of Ms Shabalala. She joined Parliament in 2019, was described as a diligent and hardworking person who quickly learnt the ropes of complex systems of the legislature. I know, I am also still trying to learn the ropes by trying to avoid the iron fist ... [Inaudible.]



Page: 84


Her valuable contributions made to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education should be carried forward. We call upon all the members of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education to honour her by taking basic education to the next level in the country. Rest in peace, Ms Shabalala. I thank you, hon House Chair. [Applause.]



Mr B P MBINQO-GIGABA: House Chair, let me acknowledge the Chief Whip of the majority party and all the members of the House.



House Chairperson, as we are honouring Mama Shabalala, as we used to her call her in the committee, I want you to allow me to draw an extract of one of our phenomenal women leaders – Umama Charlotte Maxeke, who once remarked in the 30s on the social conditions of women and I quote:



The woman, the wife, is the keystone of the household: she holds a position of supreme importance, for is she not directly            and intimately concerned with the nurturing and upbringing of the children of the family, the future generation? She is their first counsellor, and a teacher;



Page: 85


on her rests the responsibility of implanting in the flexible minds of her young, the right principles and teachings of modern civilisation. Indeed, on her rests the failure          or success of her children when they go out into life.



Mama Shabalala was a living proof of how a woman can be to both her family and her children and the country at large. To the family, please accept our heartfelt condolences. Our hearts and prayers are with you as we know that you are trying to deal with her departure. Remember, it is not the years in her life that counts but it is life in the years that made a positive impact on others.



I want to reflect on Mama Shabalala as a mother because in our committee, we saw her and related to her as a mother. One thing we know about Mama Shabalala is that she loved her girls. Please bear with me if she had a male child because she just spoke of girls. She loved her girls and her grandchildren. She was always speaking about them during our breaks. I want you to know that your mother loved you and that you must never believe the contrary.



Page: 86


She was a very loyal member of the committee. A committee is a formation of many political parties. From the side of the ANC, Mama Shabalala would everytime come and speak on the mandate of the organisation. When debates start to be hot in the committee, you would seat in front and be able to analyse the characters of each and every individual. In her, we knew that we had the calmest person from the ANC. It was Mama Shabalala and hon Siwela who possessed that character. When the debate gets hot, the first person that I would allow to speak would be Mama Shabalala because I knew things would come back to normality before going to other members because ...





... hhayi, ngenye inhlobo yabantu.





We started to know her in 2019 and our committees normaly sits on Tuesdays. She was a very committed member of a committee, always present and always on time. If for one reason or the other, she is not going to be on time, she would phone and ensure that everybody knows that she would be late, but also



Page: 87


when she arrives, before she speaks, she would apologise for her late coming.



I want to reflect on Mama Shabalala as an activist. Mama Shabalala loved the SACP.





Ubeyikomanisi elikhulu. Yebo, elibomvu. [Ubuwelewele.]





She always spoke of the SACP and she was a reflection of a communist.



I want to speak about Mama Shabalala as a lady. I have noticed that she was always dressed up for the committees but ... for the House. I have never seen her wearing a flat shoe. Ladies would understand what I mean. She was always wearing a lipstick and not just a lipstick but a colourful lipstick. She always had a weave. She was a lady in our committee.



To the family and the colleagues, allow me to say that these few words of comfort that I draw from Psalm 34:18: “The lord



Page: 88


is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed


in spirit.”





Thulani mantombazane. Myekeni umama ahambe. Thulani bazukulu bakaMaShabalala, nimkhulule ahambe. Thulani bantu baKwaZulu- Natal ...





... particularly the ANC comrades from KwaZulu-Natal.





Thulani ...





... team Basic Education. We lost our praying warrior. Mama Shabalala was the praying warrior of our committee.





Thulani makomanisi. Thulani Ningizimu Afrika. Sengathi umoya wakho ungalala ngoxolo kuze kube sibonane ngelizayo.

Ngiyabonga, Sihlalo. [Ihlombe.]



Page: 89


Debate concluded.



Agreed to, members standing.






(The late Ms Nombulelo Lilian Hermans)





without notice:



That the House-



(1) should note with a deep sense of sadness the passing of the Minister in the Presidency, Mr Jackson Mphikwa Mthembu from Covid-19 related complications on Thursday, 21 January 2021, Mr beautiful, the handsome one.



(2) further acknowledges that after the 2019 national and provincial elections, Mr Jackson Mthembu was



Page: 90


appointed as the Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation;



(3) further remembers that Mr Mthembu cut his political teeth in student politics in the 1970s and his activism continued when he was a student ...





... phaya kwaNokholeji, apho athe wafunxa wayigongotha imfutho. Uthe xa ezakuthwala isithsaba, wagxithwa egxothelwa umzabalazo



(4) further remembers that he contributed immensely to the establishment of the Metal and Allied Workers Union, the predecessor of the National Union of Metal Workers ... [Interjections.]



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Ms M G Boroto): I am sorry Chief Whip, to just disturb you. I think ...






Page: 91


...sitsibile ngoku sikwinqaku lesihlanu, masingababhidi aba bathungelana nathi (virtual).





If we were all here, we would just go with it. Yes, ma. We are on Hermans.





UMBHEXESHI OTINTLOKO WEQELA ELILAWULAYO: Uyabona xa ubhujelwe kakhulu uvele ungayazi. Ndiyaxolisa, xa ubhujelwe kakhulu uvele ungazi udibanise yonke into. Mandicele uxolo.



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Ms M G Boroto): No problem Chief Whip, we understand. You may proceed.



The CHIEF WHIP OF THE MAJORITY PARTY: Hon House Chair, I move without notice:



That the House –



(1) notes with deep sadness the passing on of the member of the ANC who was serving in this National



Page: 92


Parliament as Member of Parliament, MP, Ms Nombulelo Lilian Hermans, on who died on 18 January 2021 from COVID-19 related complications;





Lo ibingumama omoyikayo uThixo, esazana noThixo, umfundisi waseTshetshi.



(2) acknowledges that since becoming a Member of Parliament in 2019, she served in the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, ...





... yikomiti ke leyo ekungathethwa yonke into kuyo, akungeni wonke umntu kuyo. Abantu abangenaso isifuba abahlali kula komiti. Ngenxa yokuba ekwazi ukugcina izinto, i-ANC yamfaka phaya. Awungeni ke xa unamahlahla obuqhophololo phaya.





She also served in the Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour;



Page: 93


(3) further acknowledges that in 1985, ...





... ubengomnye woovuk’ayibambe phaya eColesberg


ekumiliseleni nokuthi kokulwa kwabantu abatsha ...





... Colesberg Youth Organisation and was later involved ...





... ekusekweni kwamasebe e-ANC, phaya eColesberg.



(4) understands that Ms Hermans was elected to the ANC's Pixley ka Seme Regional Executive Committee in 2002 and served on the regional working committee;



(5) further understands that she served as a regional treasurer.






Page: 94


Uyabona ke, umntu osebenza njengonondyebo, ngumntu othembakeleyo ogciniswa ingxowa yombutho, ...





... before becoming regional deputy chairperson ...





... kwaphaya e Pixley ka Seme.



(6) recognises that she also served on the provincial executive committee and the provincial working committee





 ...isigqeba esikhokelayo nesilawulayo se-ANC kwaphaya eMntla Koloni. Ubelilungu le sigqeba ke nakwi...





...working committee.



Page: 95


(7) further recognises that she was the Executive Mayor of the Umsobomvu Local Municipality for two terms,






...umasipala othandwa kakhulu ngu Sihlalo Jikele (National Chair). Ubethanda ukugqitha phaya xa egoduka athi, ngusodolophu wam lo.





she was the Speaker of the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality, and also served as the second deputy chairperson of the South African Local Government Association, Salga.





(8) Sakukhumbula ke ukuba umama uHermans, usisi Buli ...





... served with dignity and compassion.






Page: 96


(9) Sithi ke kuni booHlathi, booLisa, boJambase, thuthuzelekani. Nani booTshangisa, Mangwevu ngunkosikazi wenu lo benithe nasiboleka yena. Siyabulela kubo bonke abasondeleyo kweli nxeba. Thina siye samfimfitha, ekugqibeleni wayishiya induku ebandla. Siyabulela.



Mr M BAGRAIM: House Chair, on behalf of the DA we wish the family condolences. My colleague and fellow member of the Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour, Nombulelo Hermans passed away on 18 January 2021. Although we had a rather of tempestuous relationship and disagree on policy and structure of our labour environment, our disagreements would be done in a congenial manner and enormous respect for each other.



Ms Hermans had an illustrious career with the ANC for many years, and eventually filled the role of executive mayor as you have heard for two terms, and indeed was the speaker of the municipality. From June 2019 until her untimely passing, our rather jarring sparring were always done with a smile and never marred the relationship.



Page: 97


Indeed, Nombulelo’s passing invoked shock in the committee and with each and every member. A light within our committee has gone out. That light shone brightly and darkness in her place have been felt by everyone in that committee.



Clearly, the hon Hermans was a renowned daughter of South Africa. She took up her place in the National Assembly with great vigour, and often shown her shown personality in forwarding the principles as aspired by her party. Her departure will leave deep footprints for all of us, especially her colleagues, family, friends and her constituents.



Nombulelo achieved much in her lifetime despite all odds. Her achievements will be celebrated for years to come. As we know, she was a lover of freedom and civilisation. Despite differences of opinion and despite sometimes heats of exchanges, we must all concede that the hon Hermans served with distinction. We all feel the loss. We bid farewell to the hon Hermans.



I can do no better than quoting from the eulogy by the provincial chairperson of the ANC as follows, I quote:



Page: 98


I can attest that today we are here to bid farewell to a beautiful and unpretentious soul. At the same time, we are also here to celebrate a life of an extraordinary woman; a solid cadre, a true embodiment of ANC values, a disciplined and loyal member, an epitome of selflessness, and a cut above the rest. Sis Nombulelo had a good head and a good heart, and that’s a formidable combination.



The hon Hermans was known as Comrade Sis Buli. We all extend condolences to the family, friends and associates. In our own and my own Hebrew tradition, in the Ethics of Our Fathers: We know that a good name is one of great life’s great accomplishments and treasures. A crown of a good name, is apparently great than any other crowns one would wear. Sis Buli had accomplished the crown of a good name.On behalf of the DA, we express our condolences to family, friends and all the comrades. A great tree has fallen and we pray for her soul. Thank you House Chair.



Ms C N MKHONTO: House Chair, the EFF sends sincere and heartfelt condolences, to the family, friends and relatives of the late hon Nombulelo Hermans. We send condolences to the



Page: 99


people of Umsobomvu Local Municipality, the people she served as an executive mayor for two terms. We also send condolences to the people of Pixley ka Seme District Municipality. They have lost their former council speaker.



Hon Hermans was a very humble servant of the people of South Africa. She respected every human being irrespective of race, class and creed. One observed with nothing but admiration as she constantly served in the Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour, with dedication, humility and honour.





Umhlon Hermans bekanelwati lolubanti nesipiliyoni ngetindzaba tabohulumende basemakhaya. Loko bekwenta kube lula kuya kuchumanisa tingcinamba netisombululo tetinkhinga letibukene nebantfu belive etigabeni tonkhe tahulumende. Bekakhuluma ngenhlupheko yemuntfu, bekavakala kutsi ukhuluma ngentfo lekanenshisekelo ngayo futsi bekafisa ngatsi njalo Likomiti Letekucasha Netibasebenti lingaphumelela kusombulula tinkhinga tebasebenti ngekuphangisa.






Page: 100


To Mila and Gift, the daughters, and the entire family of Sis Bulie, we are saying, be comforted. We are always with you in prayers. Maybe it is true that, the brightest candle burns out faster.





Ngatsi umoya wakhe ungalala ngekuthula.





May her soul rest in perfect peace.



Mr S L NGCOBO: House Chair, the IFP joins the nation and our colleagues in the ANC in mourning, honouring and celebrating the life of the late Nombulelo Lilian Hermans who sadly passed away on 18 January 2021. Like many of her peers, hon Hermans was a political activist, a public servant for most of her life. Hon Hermans was highly respected by her colleagues in the ANC and a beloved member of the Northern Cape political community.



Before taking up her role as a member of this Parliament, she served as a municipal mayor of Umsobomvu for two terms. She



Page: 101


was the Speaker of the Pixley ka Seme District Municipality, and the second Deputy Chairperson of the South African Local Government Association. She also served on the ANC provincial working committee and the Northern Cape Provincial Executive Committee.




At the time of her passing, hon Hermans was a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence and also served on the Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour in the National Assembly.



Hon Hermans was a dedicated member who served with dignity and passion. She was a champion for women’s rights and fought diligently for social transformation and equality for all South Africans.



The IFP extends its condolences to her family, friends and comrades. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them and all those who have untimely passed during this difficult time. Thank you.



Page: 102


Ms H DENNER: House Chair, I had the privilege of not only serve with hon Nombulelo Hermans on the Portfolio Committee on Labour and Employment but also to sit next to her here in the Chamber. She sat on my right-hand side. As you all well know, many conversations take place between neighbours in the Chamber that do not necessarily pertain to the topic in House at the time.



She always spoke highly of her colleagues and very fondly of her family. Her hometown, Colesberg, and the Northern Cape and the plight of its people was a matter very close to her heart.



Hon Hermans made an impression on me as a person, a woman and as a Christian. I had the greatest respect for her. To her family, her daughters who are here, her loved ones and her colleagues in the ANC caucus, please, accept our sincerest condolences. We are sorry for your lost. She will be missed.



Every man’s life ends in the same way; it is only in the details of how he lived that distinguishes him from another. Nombulelo distinguished herself with her gentle demeanor as a remarkable person and she will be remembered fondly.



Page: 103




Rus sag, suster.





You will be missed. Thank you.



Mr S N SWART: House Chair, the ACDP wishes to extend its deepest condolences on the passing, in January, of the hon Hermans, an ANC MP, yet another parliamentarian who has tragically died from covid-19 complications, while Parliament was in recess.



The hon Hermans was elected as a Member of Parliament in June 2019, and in June that year, she started with the Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour and also became a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence in October. She was involved in politics since 1985, as other speakers have indicated, when she joined the Colesberg Youth Organisation and was executive mayor for two terms as well as being the Speaker of a district municipality. Hon Hermans has thus been active in politics for more than 35 years.



Page: 104


MPs face tremendous pressure of parliamentary work, party work and community involvement. They put in very long hours and are often away from home for long periods of time, this often, at the expense of our families. I would like today to express our deepest gratitude to the Hermans family and indeed, to all the families represented here today in the gallery who have lost loved ones, for their great sacrifice of allowing their loved ones to serve the country. You are owed a lasting debt of gratitude from each of us.



There is a remembrance park in the parliamentary gardens at the NCOP side and a tree was planted to remember all those MPs who have passed while in service from 1994. The ACDP has requested that the park be updated or even a new remembrance park be set up. Let us not forget our MPs that have passed or their families.



Lastly, our prayers are with the Hermans family, friends and ANC colleagues, at this time. May they be surrounded by the love and comfort our Heavenly Father. I thank you.






Page: 105


Mnu N L S KWANKWA: Sihlalo weNdlu, kusapho lwakwaHermans, izihlobo nezalamane, umbutho wakhe i-ANC, kwakhona sifuna ukuthi tutwini, akuhlanga lungehlanga, thuthuzelekani mawethu. Kwiindima ebezidlala ohloniphekileyo uHermans, kubalulekile ukuyazi ukuba, nokuba kukwisigqeba sommandla, nokuba uya kwiphondo, ekuthunyweni kwakhe njengonondyebo wommandla, ebengumntu obesebenza ngokuzinikela nangokuzimisela.



Ngamanye amaxesha abantu bayalibala ukuba, ubengusodolophu woMasipala weNgingqi waseMsobobomvu. Kula magqala, into esiyifundayo yimigaqo yokuziphatha emsebenzini (work ethics) kunye nembeko. Njengoko ebengumntu olikholwa, iNdumiso 48:14 ithi: Ukuba lo Thixo nguThixo wethu ngonaphakade kanaphakade, Yena uya kusikhapha kude kuse ekufeni.



Sifuna ukuthi ke kuni lusapho lakwaHermans, zihlobo nezalamane, nguThixo onikayo ikwanguye nothabathayo. Ibifikelele ekupheleni indlela kaMama uHermans. Okushiyekileyo ngoku kuthi bantu bathe bachukunyiswa bubomi bakhe, sisandla sakhe kwaye bachukunyiswa ngumzekelo wakhe, kukuba sithathe apho ayeke khona, sibheke phambili.



Page: 106


Sifuna ukuthi nakwiikomiti, koogxa bakhe abo bebesebenza naye kwi ...





... Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour ...





... nezinye, tutwini nakuni, lalani ngenxeba. UThixo uyabona kwaye nguThixo othandileyo. Siyabulela.



Mr C H M SIBISI: House Chair, the NFP is saddened by the passing of Ms Nombulelo Lilian Hermans. We would like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Hermans family, to the friends of the Hermans and to the political family, the ANC.



Indeed, covid-19 has claimed many lives in South Africa and across the world. We pray that our government will act swiftly in its effort to acquire the vaccines to help avoid these tragedies.



Page: 107


We pray that God may grant the Hermans family strength and resilience to get through this difficult time.





Ngakho sithi abalale ngenxeba, baqine, uNkulunkulu uzoba nabo. Incwadi yeSambulo 21 ivesi 3-5 ithi isitho sokugcina esiyakuchithwa singukufa.





We are looking to that time where death will be no more. Thank you.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Hon House Chairperson, Al Jama’Ah extends our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mrs Nombulelo Lillian Hermans who passed away last month. May the fond memories of her bring comfort to the family, friends and her colleagues during this hard time of bereavement. Mrs Hermans will be remembered as a dedicated ANC member who served her party, Parliament, but most of all, she served her constituency with dignity and compassion. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.



Page: 108




Hamba kahle Qabane Nombulelo Hermans.





Ms M L DUNJWA: Sihlalo ohlonophekileyo weNdlu yoWiso-mthetho yeSizwe, amalungu onke akhoyo namhlanje. Ndifuna ukuqala ngokuthi, phaya kwincwadi yeMizekeliso isahluko sama-31 ivesi ye-10: “Umfazi onesidima ngubani na ongamfumanayo?

Lingaphezulu nakwikorale ixabiso lakhe”.



Mandicele uxolo malungu ahloniphekileyo, kuba le ndawo asiyondawo yokuba silile, koko yindwawo yokuba sichaze ukuba sisebenze njani, siphathisene njani singaMalungu ePalamente. Ayinabuhlanga, ayinasini, ayijonganga ukuba unemali engakanani na, ayinantlakanipho kuba uNombulelo ebehlakaniphile.





The fact that Nombulelo’s activism started at five years ago, from a branch, up to a Provincial Executive Committee and the working committee of the structures of the ANC, deployed in municipality and in SA Local Government Association, SALGA, at



Page: 109


a point, shows that she was committed and a loyal member of the organisation. An organisation ...





...ethe yabona ukuba kubalulekile ukumzisa kwesi sigqeba, apho naphaya ekomitini ebezimisele. Imibuzo yakhe ibingeyiyo imibuzo ebonakalisa ukuba, Mphathiswa apha sifuna wenze u-A, B, C no-D. ebebuza athi: Mphathiswa, kule nkqubo yeli sebe lakho, abantu abangenanto, abantu abasezifama, abantu abasebenza emakhitshini, bazakuncediswa kanjani na?





But more than everything else, Nombulelo was a leader of note, and as a leader of note fist, she was able to lead herself, because you can never lead if you cannot lead yourself.

Firstly, Nombulelo was very disciplined, but more and above, she was very humble. The mere fact that ...





... ebengazigwagwisi ngokuthi, mna ndaqala apha ndaya phaya, yiyo le nto ndilapha.



Page: 110




But what I’ve learnt from her, and what makes my heart to be so heavy is because, in my activism, she was one of those few people who was able to correct me without any fear or favour. Let alone that I was deployed to lead her in the committee.

Even when the opposition will be up in arms in the committee, she would say, ...





... bayekele kuthi sihlalo, mayingaphuncuki kuwe kaloku MamGqwashu kuba xa ungabayekeli kuthi, uzakubaphosa.





To us as the Members of Parliament I want to say, particularly the members of the ANC, that we’ve got a responsibility, as we said that we are leaders of the society, to lead everybody here, as Nombulelo was able to do that. She was able to lead everybody, including the opposition. I want to say to her children that ...






Page: 111


... wasuseni ngoku amehlo enu kuye, nimyeke aphumle. Kodwa nifunde nto nye kumama wenu, kuba uNombulelo yiyo loo nto wasiwa kula komiti – ndandithanda ukuthi kuye ...





... when she tenders an apology, I would say I will not tell them...





... ukuba uye kweyiphi ikomiti, kuba yila komiti yabantu abangaziwayo ukuba bangobani na. Besisithi xa sihlebayo, yila komiti yeziporho ...





... because people that are there are not known. But as the Chief Whip of the Majority Party has said, we can never serve in that committee if you don’t have an integrity, the intellect, the discipline and your commitment. As we are standing here today, I want us to learn as the members of this House from both sides, we must draw lessons that it is true that we are not enemies. We have got different views, but we are here to ensure that we build this country, and ...



Page: 112




... bantwana bam, ndicela nizidle ngomama wenu, kuba umama wenu wayelihomba. Xa ndizakusuka Sihlalo, into endikhathazayo kukuba ndithethe naye okokugqibela esithi uya esibhedlele, kanti ndiyagqibelisa.





... and when I picked up the phone, because of shock, after I saw the notice of her passing, I asked the Chief Whip, is it true, and the way the Chief Whip responded, I understood, because I didn’t see the notice that was circulated by the organisation. I lost a friend, I lost a colleague and I lost somebody whom ...





... ndidla ngokuthi, kukho amalungu ongenakungena nawo kwisinyusi (lift) Qabane uThoko. Kukho abantu nje John ohloniphekileyo, ongenakungena nabo kwisinyusi kuba ...





... you can’t trust them, but ...



Page: 113




... uNombulelo bendisazi ukuba, nokuba kumnyama ndingangena naye kwisinyusi kwaye ndingabheka-bheki. Ulale kakuhle Lisa, ulale kakuhle, imizamo emihle uyizamile. Namhlanje sikuthwalisa isithsaba. [Kwaqhwatywa]





USIHLALO WENDLU (Nksz M G Boroto): Siyabulela Mam’uDunjwa.





Hon members, that concludes the speaker’s list on this matter, and I take it that there are no objections to the motion being adopted. May we please rise to observe a moment of silence in memory of hon Hermans. Thank you very much, you may be sited. The Presiding Officers associate themselves with the motion, and the condolences of the House will be conveyed to the Hermans family. I will invite the Chief Whip of the Majority Party to raise the sixth motion on the on the Order Paper.



Debate concluded.



Mr M L D NTOMBELA:   Thank you Chair, Can I come in?



Page: 114




UMBHEXESHI OYINTLOKO WEQELA ELILAWULAYO: Kubizwe mna, ungubani ngoku wena? UnguMbhexeshi weQela eliLawulayo yena? Ngubani yena lo? [Kwahlekwa]





Mr M L D NTOMBELA: It is Ntombela, Chair.



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Ms M G Boroto): Hon member! Relax, relax hon Ntombela, hon Frolick is in the House, he will take over just now. Hon Chief Whip, sorry for the disturbance, please do your work. Thank you.







(The Minister in the Presidency, the late Jackson Mphikwa Mthembu)






That the House—



Page: 115




(1) notes with a deep sense of sadness the passing of the Minister in the Presidency, Mr Jackson Mphikwa Mthembu

— who used to call himself Mr Beautiful, Mr Handsome —


from COVID-19 related complications on Thursday,


21 January 2021;



(2) acknowledges that after the 2019 national and provincial elections, Mr Jackson Mthembu was appointed as the Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation;



(3) remembers that Mr Mthembu cut his political teeth in student politics in the 1970s and his activism continued when he was a student at the University of Fort Hare, resulting in his expulsion in 1980;





... kwaNokholeji, apho athe wayisela, wayifunxa imfundo. Uthe engekagqibi ukufunda, wabanjwa, wagxothwa.



Page: 116




(4) further remembers that he contributed immensely to the establishment of the Metal and Allied Workers Union, the predecessor of the National Union of Metal Workers, in which he served as a senior shop steward at Highveld Steel Corporation, where he worked as a training officer and later a steel-production supervisor;



(5) recalls that, during the state of emergency in the 1980s, he was subjected to constant harassment and persecution by the security forces of the apartheid regime under Emergency Regulation 3 as well under section 29, resulting in several months of detention without trial, mostly in solitary confinement;



(6) further recalls that he served the ANC in several strategic roles at regional, provincial and national levels, and, at the time of his passing, served on its National Executive Committee;



Page: 117


(7) understands that he previously served as a Member of Parliament in the National Council of Provinces, as a Member of the Executive Council for Public Works, Roads and Transport in Mpumalanga, and as the Chief Whip of the ANC in Parliament — my predecessor;



(8) believes that Mr Jackson Mthembu has left a unique imprint on the type of public service we should continue to strive to build and the kind of government communicator South Africa deserves;



(9) further believes that the country will miss his love, his contagious laughter ...





uMjeke-jeke ubevakala nokuba uvela kweyiphi na ikona, uve ukuba uJackson uyeza ngoku ...





and his loyalty and dedication to the Republic and its people; and



Page: 118




(10) hamba kakuhle Qhudeni, hamba kauhle Mvelase. Kwikhaya, usapho nomlingane wakhe, siyabulela kahkulu ngokusinika utata asebenze nathi.






The LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: House Chairperson, it is not the ordinary tradition for the Leader of the Opposition to participate in a condolence debate. However, this is not an ordinary day, and Mr Jackson Mthembu was not an ordinary man.



Senator Edward M Kennedy, in delivering the eulogy for a slain brother, Robert, said the following: “My brother need not be idealised or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life.”



And so it is with Minister Jackson Mthembu, who certainly needs no idealisation or enlargement, for his life story and his contribution speaks for itself.



Born into humble circumstances in Witbank, Jackson overcame adversity and rose to achieve great things in his beloved ANC



Page: 119


and in the country. He was passionate about politics and the ability of politics to make a meaningful change in the lives of ordinary people. Wherever he served in political office — whether it was in Mpumalanga, at his party headquarters, or right here in this House — he served with passion and he served with distinction, and always to the very best of his ability.



My path with Jasckson was to cross for the very first time in 2016 when he became the Chief Whip of the Majority Party. I had, by that time, been serving as the Chief Whip of the Opposition for two years. When I asked by the media what my initial thoughts were on my new opposite number, I replied that I thought that he was a rather odd choice for Chief Whip.



I could not have been more wrong.



He was, in fact, a perfect choice for Chief Whip. His personality and approach, I was to discover, were perfectly matched to the job. Jackson knew very early on that to get a place like this to work required a great deal of co-operation and behind the scenes work between all the parties in the



Page: 120


House. This is work that largely goes unnoticed and unappreciated by the general public.



I’ll never forget my first interaction with him in the his new role. It was an invitation to the Chief Whip’s office to have tea with him. Now this was before tea and taking tea became as fashionable as it is today! [Laughter.]



It was my very first visit to the Chief Whip of the Majority Party’s office and I was expecting a really stern and stony reception or a lecture. Instead, I was to encounter the warmth, the good humour and approachability that became Jackson’s hallmark.



In politics, it is often easier to dislike your adversary. It’s just easier that way. But Jackson Mthembu was impossible to dislike. Make no mistake, we had our clashes and our arguments and disagreements and many, many heated moments in the Chief Whip’s Forum, and right here in Parliament. But the one thing that I came to admire and respect about him was that you could disagree without being disagreeable. Even in the worst situations, you knew that he would crack some joke, get



Page: 121


everybody laughing, and the situation would move forward. Even when I was digging my heels in, he would come to me with those eyes and that face and say, “Johnny, come on now! Give me a break, broer! I need you to work with me on this.”



He remains, to this day, the only person allowed to call me


“Johnny”! I will miss that relentless teasing tremendously.



Jackson Mthembu was a bridge builder, and he actively sought out other bridge builders. He understood that working together is the only way we are going to get South Africa moving forward.



I believe that the compassion and understanding he showed even for those outside his own party was born out of his own adversity. Jackson’s life, for all his affabilty, was not without terrible tragedy. He suffered a shooting attack, and he bore the pain of the very worst kind — the loss of a child, the terrible reversal of the natural order.



The death of his daughter affected him deeply. When I called him to express condolences, I could feel the deep anguish and



Page: 122


sense of loss that he felt. In the weeks and months that followed, we would often talk about the dysfunctionality of this life that we have all chosen, and the terrible price that all of our families pay to allow us to pursue our passion. He loved his family deeply, and he was very, very proud of them.



The Jackson Mthembu I knew was never short of that one virtue that makes the biggest difference in politics, and that is courage. He had the courage to stand up to his opponents and, believe you me, he was a formidable opponent. When you saw his name on the Order Paper, you knew trouble was coming! But he also had the courage and commitment to stand up to his own associates, to do right by the country and to do the right thing for the people. He was a profile in courage.



Our deepest condolences go to his family, his friends, his loved ones and all of us in the House who will miss him terribly. Thank you. [Applause.]





Nksz N V MENTE: Ndiyabulela Sihlalo ohloniphekileyo, kumaLungu ePalamente, kumalungu e-ANC, kusapho lakwaMthembu, siyi-EFF



Page: 123


sithi, tutwini. Sinyembezana kuba lihambile iqhawe, kodwa kufuneka siyibambe, sime, siqine siye phambili. Ebengasoze eme kuba kuwe omnye wethu, ebezakusikhumbuza ukuba kubalulelkile ukuthatha apho omnye awe khona.



UTata uMthembu ubengomnye wabantu abambalwa kweli lizwe abashiyekileyo, ababezinikele bewuhlonipha kakhulu umthetho. Kobu butyobo sibubonayo namhlanje, ubusela obugqubayo, ubungasokuze ulive igama lakhe likhankanywa. Ubeke abantu kuqala kwade kwasekugqibeleni.





With decisiveness, you always provided logical and sound leadership which often transcended narrow partisan loyalties that define parliamentary politics. He understood that his participation in the struggle was for a common good and for the people, and not for individual benefit and glory. He was never a self-seeking person.



Comrade Mthembu refused to partake in carefully-planned activities and reactionary programmes to destroy the Congress Youth League generation which has set economic freedom in our



Page: 124


lifetime as its generational mission. And he even defended them when he was called upon to the disciplinary hearing. As the Chief Whip of the Majority Party ...





... Sisi Pemmy ungene ezihlangwini ezikhulu.





In the Fifth Parliament Minister Mthembu provided decisive, logical and principled leadership to the majority parliamentary caucus and always built sufficient consensus amongst all represented political parties. Chief Whip Mthembu treated all Members of Parliament especially women with respect.





Ngamanye amaxesha bendimthumelela umyalezo ndithi kuye, Mjeje- jeke ndicela wenze ooceba bakho basebenze eMbombela, abantu bakaNyamazane bayakhala. Impendulo yakhe ibisithi, okokuqala Mente, wena noMkhaliphi nindidelela kwiNdlu, nindidelele kwifoni yam, undibiza njani ngoMjeke-jeke ekubeni ndingutata kuwe. Ndithi kuye, Mjeke-jeke, ndicela uhoye abantu abantu.



Page: 125


Awunakho ukuba ngutata kum kungcono ndithi, bhuti Mphikwa. Ebengutata onjalo, okwaziyo ukufikelela kumntu wonke.





Importantly, it was under his Chief Whip leadership that this Parliament passed a motion introduced by the EFF to commence amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation. It was Chief Whip Mthembu who allowed us the opposition to tender a motion and he said to us, if ever you want us to agree ...





... niyeke nje ukudelela, sizakuvumelana.





If Chief Whip Mthembu was trapped in narrow partisan politics, the EFF motion would not have been passed by this Parliament; and the biggest parliamentary hearing that happened as a result of this motion would not have happened. Comrade Jackson Mthembu’s legacy therefore includes the fact that he steered a reluctant parliamentary process to vote for the motion which



Page: 126


will return the land and the property of the dispossessed and conquered black people to their ownership and control.





Kufuneka Sisonke eMzantsi Afrika sikhumbule ukuba, namhlanje sibona iintshukumo zokubuyiswa komhlaba. Ukuba bekungenguye kunye nenkokelo kaBawo uMthembu, ngesingekho kule ndawo namhlanje.





May his soul rest in peace! May his family, his political organisation, his staff at the Presidency and all those who worked with him and loved him, be comforted during this time. Thank you very much. [Applause.]



Mr N SINGH: Hon Chairperson, hon members, Mrs Thembi Mthembu, Mr Siyabonga Mthembu, members of other bereaved families and friends, it was with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we were advised of the passing of the Minister in the Presidency, hon Jackson Mthembu. His is a loss not only to his beloved family, friends and colleagues, but to South Africa as a nation.



Page: 127


Hon Mthembu embodied all that was good and true in this world. He was not only a consummate and erudite politician, but also a man you could take at his word – as we’ve heard from the other two colleagues. That is a very rare quality in the world today.



I personally have had a distinct privilege of working very closely with hon Mthembu over the years. Firstly, when he was the MEC for Transport in Mpumalanga in the early 2000 and I was the MEC in KZN at that time. Thereafter, our paths crossed here in Parliament when he was the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs; and later in our respective positions as Whips in the Whippery.



Hon Chairperson, I remember when he chaired the environmental committee that I went to him with an invitation to go and watch a documentary called Blood Lions. It was a documentary about a horrific practice of killing and hunting captive bred lions. He unhesitatingly agreed to go to this documentary after hours and also asked other colleagues to join us.



Page: 128


Hon Mthembu always exuded and accommodated fair and warm persons and was held in the highest regard by MPs and support staff alike. Make no mistake though, beneath his accommodating and affable presence there was an unwavering will and moral rectitude. It there was an issue that went against his moral compass, he was not afraid to call it out even if this meant he may have had to transgress party lines. A case in point is the firm stance he took when, as Chief Whip, he supported the committee in investigating Eskom at that time. We heard this mentioned even at the Zondo Commission.



Hon Chairperson, you would know this. Jackson the man was also fond of sports and a great fan of the UK football club, Arsenal. You, hon Chairperson, hon Mulder and I would recall how we got a niece of mine to buy us tickets at very premium prices whilst we were on an official trip but after hours, to attend an Arsenal versus Chelsea match and the European Football League. What a pleasure for our colleague, Jackson Mthembu, to be there because he was an Arsenal supporter. That evening Arsenal won 2-1. I think he never forgot that particular get-together we had.



Page: 129


It is a tragedy that he was taken before his time, succumbing to Covid-19 in January this year. His passing should not be in vain. It should remind us as politicians across the political spectrum of the sacrosanct duty that we have to protect all South Africans from this dreaded pandemic. The rollout of vaccines must take priority so that we, as a country, can drive the scourge from within our borders. On behalf of our caucus leader ...



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr C T Frolick): Hon Singh, we seem to have lost the connection.



Mr N SINGH: ... all our caucus members and staff, we want to say to his family that we offer our heartfelt condolences ... Sorry Chairperson, excuse me!



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr C T Frolick): You may conclude, hon member.



Mr N SINGH: We want to offer his family our heartfelt condolences, and may his soul rest in eternal peace. We also remember all those who have passed on through Covid-19 and we



Page: 130


wish their families strength. We wish those who are in hospital and recovering from Covid-19 everything of the best. We trust that the rollout of the vaccine will be sooner rather than later. Thank you, hon Chairperson.



Mr W W WESSELS: Hon House Chairperson, Minister Mthembu dedicated his life to his beliefs, his convictions, his ideology to his political party and to being a leader. He had an impressive and diverse career as a legislator and in government. He served as a member of the National Council of Provinces, a member of the Mpumalanga provincial legislature, an MEC, a member of this House, a chairperson of the portfolio committee, Chief Whip of the Majority Party and ultimately a member of Cabinet.



He was a good comunicator, not only as a spokesperson, but also on a personal one-on-one level, and he was an excellent sweeper for a debate. One member of the Opposition did not wish to have to sweep a debate he participated in. Something I observed and admired was the way in which he could always be able to differ or disagree with his opponents in a colloquial way with respect and demanding mutual respect. His sense of



Page: 131


humour and his signatory laugh will always be remembered and deeply missed. At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought, but what we build; not what we got, but what we shared; not our competence, but our character; and not our success, but our significance. On behalf of the FF Plus I convey our heartfelt condolences to the friends, family, loved ones, colleagues and cabinet and also the members of the ANC Caucus.





Rus sag, Minister. Ek dank u.



Mr S N SWART: House Chair, the ACDP would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late Minister in The Presidency and the former Chief Whip, Mr Jackson Mthembu. We learned of the tragic news of his passing with the sense of shock ... [Inaudible.] ... great sadness. I had the honour of working closely with Minister Mthembu since he was in the ... [Inaudible.] ... in 2014, then as the ANC Chief Whip, and later as the Minister in The Presidency in this Sixth Parliament.



Page: 132


Part of my abiding memories was when he as Chief Whip briefed us as members of the Public Enterprises portfolio committee about to embark on an Eskom oversight inquiry in 2017. This was at the time when many were opposed to that Parliamentary inquiry. He told us to do the right thing and expose fraud and corruption, and this took great courage at the time. And followed the successful parliamentray inquiry into SABC fraud, both inquiries, an effective parliamentary oversight highlighted. This exemplified his leadership of course described for honest, servant leadership and good stewardship of state resources. I would offer a ... [Inaudible.] ... walking down from the offices of The Presidency. He would always stop and greet me by name, and ask me how I am doing, showing his great generosity of spirit and good to all. We are indeed ... [Inaudible.] ... without his presence worse than an abiding love. We share his family’s heartbreak.



Life is short, that is certainty - particularly at this time of COVID-19. Let us make sure we spread love, forgiveness and reconciliation, wherever we go, as Minister Mthembu did, unless he is desperate for us. Lastly, we pray that our Heavenly Father will comfort the late Minister Mthembu’s wife,



Page: 133


Thembi and children, and surround them with His love. If we feel heartbroken at this time, I can’t imagine what they are going through. I thank you.



Mr N L S KWANKWA: House Chair, Adam Smith in the book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, once wrote that when the happiness or misery of others depends in any respect upon our conduct, we dare not, as self-love might suggest to us, prefer the interest of one to the interest of many. From where I am sitting and how we experience the leadership of Minister Jackson Mthembu, is that those are the values that underpin the style of leadership, the consultative style of leadership that he adopted and used throughout his period as the Chief Whip of this Parliament. I butted heads with him many times when I was still the spokesperson of the party and its deputy secretary-general back in the day when he was spokesperson of the ANC in the media, when I took chances he will call me to order immediately, but he had indeed the genorosity of spirit, and a man of integrity.



One of the things ... if you remember the former President


Mbeki’s speech in 1999 when he was paying tribute to former



Page: 134


President Nelson Mandela, he said that we have arrived as the starting point of a new journey. Refering to Madiba’s long walk, let me rephrase and say that he said after a long walk, we too have arrived at the starting point of a new journey - refering to the journey that we have to walk without Madiba. We too, now that these heroes have fallen – now that this great leaders have fallen, we have also arrived at the starting point of our new journey, with a new set of challenges that we have to overcome as a collective. I want to sit down recalling as I do so some of the moments I spend with him, especially in London where he had a big voice but he could not sing. We tried at one point to sing ...





... asingomama lo ebebhala le ncwadi. Xa ibingumama ngethe dear sana lwam.





He kept on singing it out of tune because he just could not sing, but we were able to discuss politics. To the family, friends, the ANC, ...



Page: 135




... wonke umntu ongqonge uTata uMthembu, akuhlahlanga lungehlanga,thuthuzelekani. Menze aphumle ngonaphakade Thixo, umkhanyisele ngokhanyiso olungacimiyo.



Mr S N AUGUST: House Chairperson, I apologise for the video. GOOD expresses its condolences to the loved ones, friends and colleagues to whom we pay tribute today, and indeed to all South Africans who have suffered loses over the past awful year. We gathered to pay tribute to public servants for the roles they play in the shaping of our democracy and working for the wellbeing communities - our people. Among those who have fallen is one who wore his decency - a human value on his sleeve, the late hon Jackson Mthembu.



His deep knowledge and experience enriched our democracy. GOOD party leader, Minister Patricia De Lille describes Minister Mthembu as a true servant of the people who had incredible empathy for people. Although his commitment to democracy saw him in and out of apartheid prisons, he was never bitter.

Although he endured great family hardships, he never lost the


... [Inaudible.] ... in his heart. What set him aside in



Page: 136


Parliament was that although he wore a hat of a particular political party, he regarded those in different colour hats as colleagues and not foes.



In the months before his passing, he stood out as the leader as a COVID-19 pandemic gripped. His composure, professionalism and guidance set the tone for family gatherings with the President. He had a light touch, taking the heat out of serious conversations, smiling without never revealing true pressure he was under. There are good people to be found in all our political partners. They are worthy of our acknowledgement and respect. GOOD salutes the hon Mthembu and all those who have paid the price than unprecedented here. May they rest in peace and rise in glory. Thank you.



Mr A M SHAIK EMAM: House Chairperson, allow me to start off by extending the condolences of the NFP to all those that have lost their loved ones during this very difficult period.



Minister Jackson Mthembu, and if you look at his resume, from a student activist to a Minister in the Presidency. He was a humble servant of the people, epitomised the values of unity,



Page: 137


selflessness, collective leadership and honesty with immense kindness and great humility.



As a communicator, par excellence, he remained a humble servant of the people, always showing patience, humility, respect and sense of humour.



When I talk about humbleness, it brings me back to the respect that he showed to my leader, D Z Magwaza-Msibi, when she took ill and had to return home. Indeed he would always be leaving his side coming over to her, giving her comfort and his good wishes.




He was indeed, no doubt, a unique influence on the type of public service we continue to strive to build.



Minister Mthembu, in his humbleness, decided, and this was his choice, to continue living amongst his own people in Mbombela, eMalahleni.



To the ANC, in particular, it’s a great loss. Let me tell you why. With all the attacks that used to come in the House when



Page: 138


Minister Mthembu was the Chief Whip, from the opposition party [Inaudible.] but Chief Whip, what he was then, Jackson Mthembu was always there to give [Inaudible.] and protect them.



But I must tell you what stands out about him, that he would stand by you because you’re part of his organization, but because it was right, but when he believed it was not right he would not defend you; and that’s what stands out most for me when we talk about Minister Mthembu.



In this very difficult time of politics where people have this very low impression of politicians as public representatives, there is an ideal example of Minister Jackson Mthembu, who lived with dignity. There were no allegations against him, no corruption; no one had anything negative to say about Minister Jackson Mthembu. So, when he leaves us he leaves with a good name, he actually has added value to being a politician and being a public representative.



When Minister Mthembu died on Thursday 21 January 2021 we got shock waves through us all. We felt there was somebody even though we work on different opposition parties but here we



Page: 139


felt there is somebody of our own; that’s the feeling that went to us. It is because of the relationship that we built over a period of time with Minister Mthembu.



The NFP and my leader, D Z Magwaza-Msibi, extend our deepest condolences to his wife, his son and the members of his family and also to the ANC. Indeed, a great loss to South Africa and the ANC. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you. [Applause.]



Mr M W MADISHA: Hon Chair, let me start here. Cope too rises to express her heartfelt condolences to all the family members and relatives of all the late Members of Parliament, MPs, whom we are here gathered to remember today. Cope also does same to all parties, from which those members came, and indeed to all the people of South Africa.



I say to all people of South Africa because although not all South Africans may have voted for the party from which any of those late MPs came or belonged. Those late MPs represented all South Africans.



Page: 140


This Parliament has 14 political parties but these different parties are one, we are all one. I say we are one because we believe in the same objectives, our only difference is our approach to obtain objectives; that is the only difference, we all believe in the protection and improvement of lives of all South Africans, mainly the young people and the poor, and everyone and to ensure that there is quality education and health. And this Parliament and all those other people that shall follow, will actually do that, I believe.



I, personally, shall always remember Comrade Jackson. I knew him very well. He was just too clean. He did not allow me to move around with the plastic bags.



Thou I was born in Northern Transvaal (now called Limpopo) and grew up in Pretoria I had a chance to meet with him in the former Eastern Transvaal (now called Mpumalanga) where we would meet because we belonged to the same political movement. We came together because we were committed to the protection of workers, ran side-by-side from the apartheid teargas and bullets, shared prison cells and celebrated after all the apartheid wrongs had gone.



Page: 141


I, therefore, want to say: Go well mfowethu [my brother] and prepare the space for us because we too are coming; and when we come there let us jive [dance], share, laugh and everything. Thanks mfowethu [my brother], go well. [Applause.]



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Hon House Chair, Al Jama’ah would like to thank the Leader of the Official Opposition for his leadership in personally conveying condolences. He tells his wife in how high regard even opposition parties have held her husband.



Yes, he was handsome, hon Chief Whip of the Majority Party, but he was handsome for his wife. [Laughter.]



In the activism at University of Western Cape, UWC, and going to jail for calling for the release of Mandela; when I came to Parliament I looked for the Mandelas in this House and Minister Jackson Mthembu captured my imagination.



Yes, there are still hon Mandelas in this House, especially amongst our women, honorary members and we will take comfort that they will keep the legacy of Minister Jackson alive, going forward. Thank you very much, hon House Chair.



Page: 142




House Chair, hon Ministers and Deputy Ministers, hon Members of Parliament, members of the Mthembu family and other bereaved families, comrades and other fellow South Africans, as the ANC we welcome all messages of condolences from hon members for hon Jackson Mphikwa Mthembu.



Today we are paying tribute to a valiant antiapartheid activist, a consummate politician, a stellar trade unionist, an intelligible inspirational leader for social justice, a stellar communicator of note and a God fearing and dedicated Christian.



Minister Jackson Mthembu, we are paying homage to a distinguished and principled freedom fighter who fought for our liberation guided not by ambition or expectation of reward but by the principles of the mass democratic movement.



Born from a farm in Emalahleni the then Witbank in Mpumalanga province, he became a people’s leader who could lead and be led. A unionist who believed that leadership role is earned and not decreed. A politician who understood that to go far we



Page: 143


must go together. A student activist and a cadre who was fit to the tasks of the day that confront the national democratic revolution.



He was a leader who understood the power of collective leadership. His inclusive and collaborative approach to resolving national issues highlighted his rare quality of transcending political differences to forge alliances in pursuit of a shared purpose, and he displayed this for all to see during his tenure as the Chief Whip of the Majority Party in this House; as a member of a study group of the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and of Communication; and when he appeared before the portfolio committee.



He explicitly understood that to propagate patriotism and nationhood we needed to use our ideological differences to foster unity and create a strong democratic culture, to shape a proudly inclusive South African democratic dispensation that resonate the tenets of the Freedom Charter.



Chairperson, as the Minister in the Presidency, he was the public face of our government communicating its policies and



Page: 144


its decisions and he was an active implementer of the same. To him, governing meant implementing government’s priorities in a conduct that instilled integrity, ethical leadership, democratic governance and social justice for all, especially for the marginalised and destitute.



His position called on him to be a morally and ethically astute individual in his standing and comrade Jackson was exactly that. He was indeed a rare breed cut from the cloth of our great stalwarts and revolutionaries such as Mma Charlotte Maxeke, president O R Tambo, Kwame Nkrumah, Mme Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, to mention but a few.



Hon Chairperson, our first priority in the sixth administration is to build ethical, capacitated, capable and developmental state. Minister Jackson Mthembu, as a leader, epitomised a practical example of how to realise this. For example, on several occasions we participated in interviews for senior executive posts that he chaired for his department. He came to these interviews looking for the best, and never had a preferred name for appointment but only the best.



Page: 145


He was committed and unapologetic in building a capable, capacitated, ethical and professional department that he was leading, the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. He put his aptitudes to great use to ensure that as government of the ANC we build a coherent, cohesive and impactful state machinery that is able to translate the people’s aspirations into tangible programmes by simplifying complex policy propositions in a manner that people would understand and associate with to better their lives.



He supported the views that capacity building is also for political leadership such that in November last year he was amongst the first Ministers who attended the training programme for all politicians offered by the National School of Government whose primary aim is to build state capacity. On

20 November 2020, having completed the programme and being the day of his graduation, he proudly posted a picture of himself with his certificate in a Jackson Mjekejeke Mthembu style. Comrade Jackson, in your legacy, we are committed to build state capacity and capability.



Page: 146


Hon members, as much as he was a national Minister that is responsible for the entire country he still laughed and cared deeply for the people of Emalahleni and of Mpumalanga province so much that he was prepared to work tirelessly to ensure that the promise of a better life for all becomes a reality for them as well as for all South Africans. He uncompromisingly served his country until his last day as he played a critical leadership role in co-ordinating and integrating government efforts in the fight against the ravaging impact of the COVID-

19 pandemic that eventually took his life. He died with his boots on.



To the Mthembu family, particularly his wife, his children, his staff in the department and of course in his office: Your loss is our loss.





Nilale ngenxeba noma lopha.





Together with yourself and as a nation, were never ready for this huge loss of this not ordinary South African. We have



Page: 147


lost a father, a husband, a champion for good governance, accountability, democracy and service delivery who abhorred corruption. A communicator par excellence. We have been robbed of a gallant citizen who kept his word, walked the talk no matter the adversity facing him. Hon members ...





... sishayeke engeqiwa ntwala.





Great people may die but their names shall live on.





Ziyolala izinsizwa ziyosala izibongo. Hamba kahle qabane u- Mjekejeke. Hamba kahle qabane.





We will miss your infectious smile and your typical laughter. We commit to continue to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic until it is defeated. May God bless and protect the Mthembu family and all the bereaved families. May God bless and save our country, continent and the world.



Page: 148




Phumula ngoxolo Mvelase. Ukulwile ukulwa okuhle. Uliqedile ibanga lakho. Uligcinile ukholo lwakho. Usubekelwe yiNkosi umqhele wokulunga. Hamba kahle sosha loMkhonto.





Long live the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Jackson Mthembu long live! I thank you. [Applause.]



Debate concluded.



Agreed to, members standing.






(The late Priscilla Tozama Mantashe)





without notice:



That the House—



Page: 149


(1) notes with deep sadness the untimely passing on of ANC member Ms Priscilla Thozana Mantashe, who was known as Tozama because she changed her name to Tozama instead of Thozana, and who was a Member of Parliament, MP, here;



(2) also notes that she passed away on Sunday,


31 January 2021, from COVID-related complications following weeks of hospitalisation;



(3) understands that Ms Tozama Mantashe had served during the Fifth term as well as this Sixth term, where she served in the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry during the Sixth Parliament, as well as in the National Assembly Rules Committee and the Joint Rules Committee;



(4) acknowledges that she served during different terms in the ANC Eastern Cape’s provincial executive committee between 2009 until her untimely passing on in January 2021;



Page: 150


(5) further acknowledges that she was a member of the provincial executive committee of the ANC;



(6) also acknowledges that she served as the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union, Nehawu, Eastern Cape’s provincial chairperson between 2007 and 2010, and in 2010 she was elected as the second vice president of Nehawu due to her commitment in dealing with workers’ issues;



(7) recognises that she was responsible for international work as the deputy president of Nehawu;



(8) further recognises that she was a dynamic gender activist encouraging women’s empowerment and was also an ardent champion of rural development, and at all times in the portfolio committee she would ask how far we were on rural development and economic empowerment;



(9) also recognises that she had a deep commitment to improving the lives of workers and was a proud working class leader;



Page: 151


(10) remembers that she used to be called Shorts by her brother seated there, who would leave the ... House there and go to his sister’s chair and say ...





... ndiyokubona uShorts. [I am visiting Shorts.]





(11) further remembers that she was very short in stature







... kodwa emde ngeentonga, emfutshane ekoneni. Sithi ke kuye umaNzolo, uNzothwane, kubantwana bakhe, ubhuti wakhe, ikhaya lonke siyabulela;





(12) also remembers that she had such a warm and collegial demeanor; and



(13) conveys its deepest condolences to the ANC, the nation and to the family.



Page: 152


Mr D W MACPHERSON: Thank you House Chair. I move without notice on behalf of the DA:



That the House—



(1) notes that we once again extend our deepest condolences to the Mantashe family, especially to you Minister Mantashe, on the loss of your sister;



(2) further notes that both Mrs Mantashe and I were sworn in as MPs in 2014 and deployed by our respective parties to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry under the very famous Joan Fubbs who was the chairperson;



(3) also notes that Mrs Mantashe quickly established herself as a vanguard for women’s empowerment, ruthlessly grilling the department’s officials on what progress they were making in ensuring that women were not left behind in their budgets;



(4) remembers that she did that every single meeting;



Page: 153


(5) further remembers that you would also find Mrs Mantashe passionately advocating for more government spending to take place in her beloved town of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape;



(6) acknowledges that she fundamentally believed in the potential of her constituents in the province that she hailed from;



(7) further acknowledges that as an opposition member, you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of Mrs Mantashe if you made any disparaging comments about Queenstown or the Eastern Cape, so we quickly learnt to stay clear of those two topics;



(8) also acknowledges that in 1999 both Mrs Mantashe and I found ourselves back in the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry and we designated ourselves as the senior members of the committee as we were the only two returning members from the Fifth Parliament who had served a full five years;



Page: 154


(9) recalls that Mrs Mantashe was passionate about regulation and laws that affected the poor, including issues like credit legislation and copyright, which unfortunately we didn’t get to finalise before her passing;



(10) also recalls that while Mrs Mantashe, myself and other colleagues vehemently disagreed with each other on many, if not all issues, her drive for change has certainly left its mark;



(11) recognises that this Parliament and our portfolio committee will certainly be poorer without her;



(12) also recognises that we have lost someone small in stature but massive in character; and



(13) again extends our deepest condolences to the family.



Ms E N NTLANGWINI: Thank you very much House Chair. It is indeed good to be back in the House Chief Whip. House Chair,



Page: 155


fellow MPs, the family of our colleague, I move without notice on behalf of the EFF:



That the House—



(1) notes that we extend our deepest condolences;



(2) further notes that we are all here representing different political parties and most of the time we differ fiercely but we must never ever lose sight of the fact that we are all human, trying the best that we can to make the country a better place;



(3) also notes that I met sis Thozi, as I used to call her, in 2019 at the Department of Trade and Industry committee meeting and we worked very closely together with the committee chairperson who was Ms Fubbs, and Dean, at that time;



(4) recalls that as the committee we concluded the debt relief Bill to ensure that individuals who had a debt lower than R50 000, get relief;



Page: 156


(5) further recalls that we travelled to London and Germany to ensure that we did the necessary research to conclude this Bill, and ensure that the poorest of the poor who get led into debt traps by the capitalists, get relief;



(6) also recalls that sis Thozi was very passionate about service delivery, and yet again we worked together to fight for the sugar industry to open up space for black players in the industry, instead of remaining in an enclave with white boys who keep ... and come to the committee with an army of advocates just to protect their interests;



(7) remembers that sis Thozi was unrelenting and knew that to defeat the arrogance of white capitalist interests, black people have to work together;



(8) acknowledges that to honour sis Thozi, we must keep the fight going now more than ever;



Page: 157


(9) further acknowledges that we must get black people to take their rightful place as the majority in this country;



(10) also acknowledges that she hated the fact that whites still controlled all strategic sectors of the economy and the land, and all ... are in control of this discourse;



(11) further remembers that sis Thozi always spoke passionately about her kids, her beautiful home and even you Minister Gwede. She always spoke about you, especially when I teased her about the tiger issue ... Hayi ke ubhuti. [Oh my brother.] So, she spoke very fondly of you;



(12) also remembers that she loved beautiful things and would always say to me, Tash, when I retire I want my house beautiful and I want to sit in a beautiful place;



Page: 158


(13) recollects that, now and again, we talked about our families, our kids and so forth;



(14) further recollects that we also did a course together at the University of the Witwatersrand on governance and leadership, and sis Thozi forced us to work at night to revise the work, against my will at times, but we did it anyway;



(15) allows me to read a portion of the following poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye to the family of sis Thozi: Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow ... I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not multiply.



(16) recognises that Sis Thozi has indeed multiplied;



(17) further recognises that she has taught me a lot about humility, respect, dignity and a sassy way of dressing and in holding herself in ... leadership role;



Page: 159


(18) agrees that we continue to celebrate her memory, tata Gwede and the kids.



(19) also recollects that she was indeed a very close friend of mine in the committee and in the House, even sometimes when we used to tease each other ... when we used to attack your President, she used to say, heyi wena! [hey you!] just relax;



(20) concedes that we will indeed, really miss her;



(21) thanks her family and friends who supported sis Thozi in her work and in her sacrificing her time by letting her be here in Cape Town to do her political work;



(22) further concedes that it is very hard being a mother and to also do your political work;



(23) also concedes that it is harder for women to do their political work than it is for men;



Page: 160


(24) further agrees that we are really grateful that you gave the life of sis Thozi to us; and



(25) prays lala ngoxolo sis Thozi. [Rest in peace sis Thozi.] [Applause.]



Inks R N CEBEKHULU: House Chairperson, I might seem to have copied from the Chief Whip of the Majority Party, simply because I only went through research on who I will be speaking about.



Over the past year, the National Assesmbly has fallen victim to the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have lost valauble colleagues taken before their time. The IFP would like to convey its deepest condolences to the family of hon Ms Priscilla Thozamo Mantashe on her passing. She passed away on

31 January this year following a battle with COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers are with Minister Mantashe and with the daughters of the fallen heroine, the Mantashe family and the ANC caucus at Parliament, the ANC in the Eastern Cape as well as all her current and former colleagues, her friends and her loved ones.



Page: 161


Hon Mantashe lived a life in service of her fellow South African, starting her career as a shop steward in the Eastern Cape Department of Education, advancing to the role of Second Deputy President of Nehawu before progressing to Parliament. She was known for passionaletly promoting the rights of workers and of women, especially women and workers in rural areas.



In 2014, hon Matashe was elected as a Member of the National Assembly, where she served in the Portfolio Committee of Labour, Porfolio Committee of Economic Development, and the Porfolio Committee of Trade and Industry.



She was re-elected to Parliament in 2019 and then served on the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry as well as the National Assembly’s Rules Committee.



Hon Mantashe is described by Parliament’s presiding officers as a committed and hardworking Member of Parliament who carried out her committee oversight work with diligence and passion. She was always driven by empathy for the vulnerable, such as workers and rural communities.



Page: 162


We would like to acknowledge the life and work of hon Mantashe and honour and pay tribute to her for tirelessly championing the rights of those who are not always able to stand up or speak up for themselves.



On behalf of my leader of the caucus, Prince Buthelezi and the IFP members in the National Assembly, I would like to extend the IFP’s sincere and deepest condolences to hon Mantashe’s family on this tragic loss. Thank you.



Mr F J MULDER: House Chairperson, hon Priscilla Thozama Mantashe served on the Portfolio Committee for Trade, Industry and Competition. She will be remembered for her activism and passion for what she believed in. She was an activist for the rights of workers, a leader in the ANC and the SA Communist Party and served her community and people as a shop steward in the Eastern Cape in her earlier life.



The FF Plus extends condolences to hon Minister Gwede Mantashe on the loss of his sister, and to her family, friends and colleagues in the ANC and wish them strength during this dark hour.



Page: 163




Ek bid u krag en berusting toe in hierdie tyd van lyding. Dankie.



Mr W M THRING: House Chairperson, the year 2020 leading into 2021 was indeed a sad and challenging year for many, as we lost loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues.



It was certainly with great sadness that I learnt of the passing of hon Mantashe. We both served as members on the Trade and Industry portfolio committee and it was during one of our informal conversations that I discovered that hon Mantashe was part of a group that met very early before portfolio committee meetings began to encourage each other in prayer. She invited me to their prayer meetings but, sadly, I was not able to get there. I regret that.



Hon Mantashe served her party with distinction. [Interjections.] [Inaudible.]



The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr C T Frolick): Hon [Inaudible.] will you switch off your microphone. [Interjections.] May I request



Page: 164


the Serjeant at Arms to remove this member from the platform. Our apologies for that interference. You may continue, hon Thring.



Mr W M THRING: House Chair, hon Mantashe served her party with distinction. During our portfolio committee meetings, she made invaluable contributions to the debates of the day. She was a natural leader, a fiesty, determined, clear-thinking member of our porfolio committee, and her interventions, deliberations and inputs will certainly be sorely missed.



On behalf of the president of the ACDP, our leadership and members, I would like to offer our sincere condolences and prayers to the family, Minister Mantashe, her relatives, her friends, and to our colleagues in the ANC.



May I also encourage the family and colleagues with this scripture. In Joshua 1 v 9, Moses, speaking a word that God had given to him to give to Joshua, says to Joshua:



Page: 165


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.



Thank you.



Mr N L S KWANKWA: House Chairperson ...





Kusapho lakwaMantashe, izihlobo nezalamane, umbutho wabo i- ANC, ooDikela, ooNoni, ooNtswayibana, amaQwathi, sithi tutwini, akuhlanga lungehlanga. Uthi umculi kweli culo:



Thixo ova izikhungo Tweza amaphiko akho Ulufihl’usapho lwakho Side size kuwe bawo Sihlangule kongendawo



Xa kunje, sizakuwajongisa phezulu amehlo ethu, sazi ukuba ithemba lethu likuYe. Sifuna nakuni – ewe nale into ayisixaki ngoku singoosopolitiki. USisi Thozi - ndifuna ukuthetha ngaye,



Page: 166


ndiyeke ibali ngobomi bakhe, ungomnye wabantu abasoloko besingxolisa. Yena ekunye noMama uMalgas bebeyithanda into yokundibetha apha esandleni besithi andimameli. UMama uMalgas ngenye imini sityikitya amagama abantu abakhoyo kwincwadi ye- ANC ndingakhange ndiqaphele, wandibetha apha esandleni esithi, musa ukubhala apha kule incwadi ye-ANC, buya ukuba ufuna ukubhala apha.



Eyona nto ibalulekileyo ekhumbulekayo ngengooTata uMpumlwana







... she used to say almost all the time that ...





... unganengxaki nathi ...





... as individuals but don’t have a problem with the ANC and


the original agenda that it sought to achieve.






Page: 167


Athi, kuzakufuneka futhi thina zinkokeli ngakumbi ezi zimnyama sifumane indlela yokuba sisebenzisana njani kwaye silungisana njani na, ukuze sikwazi ukuqhuba sisebenzela abantu boMzantsi Afrika. Loo mazwi ebesoloko enkenteza qho xa ndidibana naye kuba ebesoloko ewagxininisa. Ebethanda ukuthi, thina siza kubanazo iziphene esinazo apha ekukhokeleni, ngesiXhosa le nto kuthiwa libala likaNtsho, mhlekazi. Kufuneka siyazi ukuba si...





...clear about the direction ...





... esifuna ukuyithatha, ngakumbi thina sizwe esintsundu, esibethwa yindlala nentlupheko. Kufuneka sikhumbule ezo zinto apha kwezi nkokeli. Sithi ke makalale ngoxolo, akuhlanga lungehlanga, tutwini, thuthuzelekani. Siyabulela.



Mr C H M SIBISI: House Chair, the NFP was saddened by the passing of Ms Priscilla Mantashe. On behalf of the NFP and its members we would like to express our deepest and heartfelt condolonces to the Mantashe famaily, friends and political



Page: 168


family, the ANC. Ms Mantashe was such an exuberant person during her deployment in the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry under the chairmanship of Ms Fubbs. She attended most of the meetings and showed no prejudise when it comes to holding the department and its agencies accountable. She was fearless in her role, ever willing to listen and engage. We will continue praying for the Mantashe family for strebgth, courage and resilience.





Sithi-ke emndenini wakwa-Mantashe awududuzeke, ulale ngenxeba nakuyo yonke imindeni eNingizimu Afrika elahlekelwe yahlukana nezihlobo zazo ngenxa yalolu bhubhane lomkhuhlane we-COVID-19. sifisela yonke imindeni nesizwe sonke saseNingizimu Afrika ukuba silulame baqine. Sithi-ke, usisi u-Thozama ulufezile ugqatso lwakhe.





I thank you, House Chair.



Mr M W MADISHA: Hon Chair and members, I rise to say condolences to the Mantashe family. I knew our late sister



Page: 169


very well. She worked with some of us. When I was in the leadership of the trade union movement she was there, she was on the shop floor. She helped very well to organise and lead the workers out there. Shea was doing very well.



When I served in the Communist Party, for example, as a member of the central committees and the politburo together with the chairperson, Comrade Gwede, she would be there to give us direction to make contribugions and we were able to move properly.



The report that one would get from time to time from her own union where she led, first from the Eastern Cape and secondly as the vice president did very well. Then we would not talk about deputy presidents, but we would speak about vice presidents. We want to say to yourselves as the family, neighbours, everyone associated with her, albeit she is late now. We thank you very much for having given her to us and the working class of the mind, the wotking class of the hand, and for having taken us forward. I wish she was still there so that she could revive that particular union which has, actuaslly in my own opinion, gone down. I believe we will gain



Page: 170


as much as it is possible for the sake of the peole of our country. Thank you very much.



Mr M G E HENDRICKS: Hon House Chair, the hon Chief Whip of the Majority Party has has done Parliament very proud by bringing comfort to the ANC as she has buried the dead all over the country. Manny of us could not be there. Al Jama-Ah supports her motion and extends our deepest sympathies to the family of hon Priscilla Tozama Mantashe. We are deeply saddened by her death. To the Mantashe family we feel your pain and hope you feel surrounded by the love she gave to humanity.



We also know the sacrifies of the Mantashe family to the nation before liberation, after liberation and still today as we speak. To the ANC fellow members, Ms Mantsahe left by a proud legacy, faithful and dedicated service to the governing party - the poor and developing projects that empower women. We pray that you find comfort in your memories and your [Inaudible.] and       will be missed by many who she served. Thank you very much, hon House Chair.



Page: 171


Ms J HERMANS: House Chair, Comrade Chief Whip of the Majority Party and all Members of Parliament, in particular the brother of our late Comrade Tozama, Comrdae Gwede Mantashe, the ANC thanks all the parties for their warm messages of condolences that have been expressed in the House today. We are celebrating hon Priscilla Tozama Mantashe, a parliamentary and a community activitist. We dip our revolutionary banner in honour of Comrdae Mantashe. We bid farewel to the galant fighter, the fallen hero of the struggle and fearless fighter for a better life for all our people.



Indeed, she has left a noble legacy of service to the community and to the nation that all Members of Parliament should emmunlate. She undrestood when she was sowrn-in in the previous term and this term, the Sixth Pasrliament, that she was commimtting herselves to serve the people to the best of her ability. Consequently, she studied all her documents and make sure that she could make informed contributions when she spoke in the portfolio committee. Therefore, her active and creative participation in the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry was always in line with the principles and the vision of her beloved party, the ANC, of which she was an active



Page: 172


member. So well she did understand the relevant legislation that she knew when to propose and motivate for ammendments.



The former chairperson of the Portfoio Committee on Trade and Industry , Joanmariae Fubbs, said hon Mantashe often alerted her of critical issues that she may have overlooked because she was like that. She was brave and she was eager to speak her mind. She never sounght to score points at the expense of others, but rather to support her committee and her party.



Her capacity to listen to all contributions of other members of the committee was another indication of her maturity as a cadre and a parliamentary activist. In doing so, she was able to contribute constructively and on principle.



As a veteran legislator and activist Member of Parliament she neither rested on her laurels nor was she too proud to ask for advice regarding her own speeches in the House. She participated, practiced the principles of nonsexism, nonracialism and the critical priciple of putting vulnerable people first. She was totally opposed to corruption which has best many governments across the world.



Page: 173


Hon Mantashe was a champion of transformatiomn and it is reflected in her drive being part of the committee that has driven the National Credit Ammendemnet Act to provide for additional protection for low income consumers from over indebtedness by either rearranging, suspending or extinguishing unsecured credit debt. It showed that she was there for the people. She was particularly supportive of alternate insolvency measures which became available under the Act. We were fortunate that that ammendment was passed while she was still alive and we must work hard, as Dean from the DA had said, to make sure that the other Acts that she was very passionate about, the Copyright Amendment Act and the Performers' Protection Amendment Act that should be ratified by this House, are signed into law.



She made her contributions wikthout fear of contradiction because she was very clear about the mandate that we carry as representatives of the people of South Africa. She was brave and did not shrink away from being a lone voice as she try to convince others arround to embrace her views.



Page: 174


She was an ardent and passionate and champion for rural development and her beloved Eastern Cape. She had a clear understanding that constituency issues and work were entrinsic part of our work as a Member of Parliament, where she had an ability to raise issues and make sure that it comes to Parliament in the right way.



She was also, as we have heard, passionate about labour intensive industry and sustainable local economies. For instance, in the sugar industry we know that she was the principal and a very constructive and committed advocate for the sugar industry transformation. She never forgot the role of women in the industry and at home and she embodies the adage: To educate a woman you educate the nation. She was a visionary on very important issues. Duma Nkosi, the present portfoio committee chairperson, reported how she engaged constantly about advocating to ensure that black ownership and job creation in the emergoing and rapidly growing cannibis sector should be fought for. She was vocal on the implementation of beneficiation and localisation and as a worker leader she understood that it was a very important tool



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and a economic driver that will lead to the empowerment of our people.



We have learnt from her contributions what servant leadership is - being at the forefront of community struggles in good times and especially in bad times. She was indeed dedicated to improving the lives of all the sons and daughters of the African soil.



To her beautifull daughters, your mom loved you dearly. She often shares little strips of news about you with us in the committee. We did not know when we celebrated her birthday in 2019 ...and you could see her on that day she was dressed to the T with matching handbag, shoes and dress. She was beautiful and she did not put that handbag down on that day. You know it was part of her own symbol and that is the Tozama that we came to love. But sadly, we didn’t know that that was the last birthday that we would share with her physically. On that day she said to me, “Comdrade Whip, my daughters are treating me today so I am going to run away early.” She gave that beautiful smile that we all came to love and we will now miss it. She love you dearly and she was very proud of you.



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On behalf of the portfolio committee and the ANC we pass our condolrences to her family, her comrades and her colleagues. May her courageous soul rest in peace! She has certainly run her race and her legacy lives on. Long live the spirit of Tozama Mantashe long live! Thank you.



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