Question NW2426 to the Minister of Transport

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13 September 2018 - NW2426

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Transport

(a) What number of (i) trains, (ii) coaches and (iii) locomotives have been vandalised (aa) in each month and (bb) in the past three financial years, (b) where did each incident take place and (c) what are the relevant details of the investigations that followed each incident, particularly with regard to the (i) outcomes and (ii) recommendations of each specified investigation?


A Metrorail train consist of several motor coaches (electrical powered units) and a number of plain trailers - coaches. Normally a full train set (train) consist of 12 coaches (3 motor coaches and 9 plain trailers). The response reflects the coaches and the equivalent 12-coach Metrorail train sets (trains). Metrorail does not utilize locomotives. Locomotives are used in MLPS and in freight at Transnet.

a) Details of the incidents on vandalism of Rolling Stock has only been kept by Protection Services since December 2016 when vandalism became an endemic problem. The information is kept on the fleet maintenance side as well but is not readily available.

b) File attached.

c) (i) File attached.

(ii) As can be seen from the numbers involved, investigations internally are not done for each and every case. Cases are opened with SAPS with the available information and the results of SAPS investigations is included in (c)(i). The Prasa Rescue plan includes actions to address the protection of assets in the Metrorail environment.