Question NW2221 to the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

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13 September 2018 - NW2221

Profile picture: McLoughlin, Mr AR

McLoughlin, Mr AR to ask the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

(1)What are the (a) full details and (b) detailed breakdown of all expenses incurred by the Emfuleni Local Municipality in hosting the recent State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) in the Vereeniging Banquet Hall on 26 June 2018; and (2) what are the reasons for allowing such expenditure in hosting the SOMA when the specified municipality has been placed under administration in terms of section 139 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, for not being able to fund basic service delivery activities?


1. The municipality spent an amount of R415 640.00 on decor, catering for 2000 people, entertainment and sign language interpreter for the State of the Municipal Address (SoMA).

(2) a) The Emfuleni Local Municipality has, in line with the executive and legislative authority, adopted the hosting of annual SoMA as part of the broader public participation programme aimed at developing and maintaining a culture of community participation. The Local Government Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) Chapter 4, sections 16 and 17, enables the municipality to determine various mechanisms, processes and procedures for fostering participation by the local communities and to this effect use its resources and allocate funds as may be appropriate for this purpose.

b) The Municipal Manager, in the discharge of his fiduciary duties must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the resources of the municipality are used effectively, efficiently and economically.

c) Being conversant with the existing financial and service delivery challenges of the municipality, the imposition of parts of Section 139 of the Constitution of the RSA and at the same time the need to encourage active citizenry, it is for this reason that the financial implications of the SoMA were effectively reduced to an amount of R415, 640 from the originally planned expenditure.

d) The SoMA is an effective mechanism or model that continues to address Emfuleni's multi-stakeholders including citizens, business sector, NGO, Government Institutions, the Clergy and various other key stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement will further remain a critical component for the successful implementation of the Provincial Intervention Programmes and essential in promoting social cohesion. The various ongoing social innovation and economic development initiatives currently taking place in Emfuleni were extensively engaged on as part of the 2018 SoMA, and it has been an excellent platform for feedback and re-commitment to the Communities of Emfuleni amongst various others that continue to unfold.

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