Question NW3626 to the Minister of Police

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22 September 2015 - NW3626

Profile picture: Motau, Mr SC

Motau, Mr SC to ask the Minister of Police

(a) What cases are currently being investigated by the various Specialised Commercial Crimes Units across the country and (b) which of the specified cases are currently before the courts?


a)     The Commercial Crimes Investigation Units are currently investigating Common law and Statutory Crimes relating to Fraud, Electronic Banking Crimes , Municipal Fraud, Theft ,Corruption ,Money Laundering ;Counterfeit Goods Act , Prevention Of Organised Crime Act; Exchange Control Regulations Act ;Companies Act; National Credit Act; Forgery and Uttering; Advanced Fee Fraud ;Copyright Act; Customs & Excise Act, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, Income Tax Act, Tobacco Control Amendment Act, Tobacco Products Control Act, Value Added Tax Act ;Social Assistance Act.

b)      A total of 4726 cases are currently in court.

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