Question NW1499 to the Minister of Police:

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18 June 2018 - NW1499

Profile picture: Groenewald, Dr PJ

Groenewald, Dr PJ to ask the Minister of Police:

(1) Whether any agreement has been concluded between the SA Police Service (SAPS) and a certain company (name furnished) according to which the location details of vehicles can be determined; if so, (a) on which date was the specified contract concluded and (b) what advantage does the contract hold for the SAPS; (2) whether the specified company pays the SAPS any money; if so, what amount is at issue; (3) whether any incentives apply to members of the SAPS; if so, what incentives; (4) whether any similar companies are involved with the SAPS in this capacity; if not, why not; if so, what companies; (5) whether he will make a statement on the matter?


(1) The South African Police Service (SAPS) has entered into an agreement with Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd. A Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between the two entities, as per reference 19/1/9/1/114 TR (13). The above agreement was compiled in accordance with the required prescripts.

(1)(a) The contract was concluded, on 15 February 2017.
(1)(b) The advantages for SAPS of working in partnership with Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd, are the following:

The fast recovery of stolen and hijacked vehicles, which are fitted with a tracking device.

The arrest of criminals found at the scene of a crime, with stolen or hijacked vehicles, which improves the detection rate for stolen and/or hijacked vehicles.

(2) Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd, renders the service free of charge to the SAPS, as part of the agreement.

(3) Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd, as a partner in the combating of vehicle-related crime works jointly with the SAPS and has, in consultation with SAPS management, come up with an initiative called, "Tracker Connect/SAPS Awards".

The aim of the above initiative is to recognise SAPS members, who have gone the extra mile to assist during Tracker activations or deactivations on stolen and hijacked vehicles.

The recognition certificates are awarded to SAPS members, who are actively involved, when the Tracker device is activated and who respond promptly, in attending the scene of crime where stolen or hijacked vehicles are found. No incentives apply to SAPS members.

(4) Currently, Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd is the only company that has entered into an agreement and signed the Memorandum of Understanding with SAPS.

Apart from Tracker, there seems to be no other company involved in this capacity. However, the invitation was extended to other companies with a vested interest in this capacity. The Bid Committee, at the Division: Supply Chain Management (SCM), after careful consideration of other factors, nominated Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd, as the SAPS Private Partnership in this capacity.

(5) The Minister of Police will decide if he would like to make a statement, in this regard.

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