Question NW2898 to the Minister of Health

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23 September 2015 - NW2898

Profile picture: Jooste, Ms K

Jooste, Ms K to ask the Minister of Health

Whether he or officials of his department are aware of the key findings of an investigation conducted by a team of professionals in the built environment and the Special Investigating Unit into possible financial mismanagement and corrupt practises that may have taken place and resulted in the delayed completion of the construction of the new mental health facility in Kimberley, Northern Cape?


We are indeed aware of the findings. This investigation was in fact initiated by the National Department of Health. The investigations you refer to forms part of a more holistic assessment of the project. The initial phase of the investigation, focussed on technical issues, has been concluded. The team is now busy with an assessment of procedural and contractual issues. For obvious reasons, we cannot at this stage discuss the detail of the findings, as this will jeopardise the balance of the investigation.


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