Question NW3096 to the Minister of Health

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23 September 2015 - NW3096

Profile picture: Kalyan, Ms SV

Kalyan, Ms SV to ask the Minister of Health

Whether there are any (a) hospitals, (b) hospital wards, (c) clinics and/or (d) any other health facilities dedicated to treating patients with (i) tuberculosis and (ii) multi-drug or extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis; if not, why not; if so, (aa) what are the names of the specified facilities, (bb) where are they situated and (cc) what is the treatment capacity of each specified facility?


Patients with Tuberculosis are diagnosed and started on treatment in all public sector hospitals and clinics as well as 154 facilities in the private sctor and 243 owned by the South African Military Health Services and NGOs. Patients with MDR and XDR TB are treated in 9 specialised central hospitals and 298 decentralised sites and 272 satellite sites. There are also 150 injection teams that manage some of the patients at home (on an ambulatory basis).


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