Question NW1791 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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14 August 2018 - NW1791

Profile picture: Hugo, Mr RT

Hugo, Mr RT to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)What number of bucket toilets still exist (a) in the country and (b) in each (i) province and (ii) metropolitan municipality; (2) (a) what number of bucket toilets were replaced in each of the past three financial years and (b) what was the cost for each unit built as a replacement?


(1)(a) There are currently 14 539 buckets in the formalised settlements in the country and will be eradicated in this current year, 95% have top structures and 85 to 95% internal reticulation complete.

(1)(b)(i) Refer to the table below for the numbers in each province currently at a total of 14 539 buckets:

Financial Year 2018/19

Number of buckets to be eradicated

Free State


Northern Cape



14 539

(1)(b)(ii) There are no Buckets that exist in the formalised settlements of Metropolitan Municipalities; however this is an on-going process to verify existing buckets.

(2)(a) Refer to the table below for the number of buckets eradicated:

Financial Year

Number of buckets were eradicated


A total of 20581 buckets were eradicated


A total of 1 838 buckets were eradicated


A total of 6 978 buckets were eradicated


A total of 8 313 buckets were eradicated


A total of 37 710 Buckets were eradicated

(2)(b) The National average for the provision of a waterborne toilet is R15 000.

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