Question NW2053 to the Minister of Science and Technology

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10 July 2018 - NW2053

Profile picture: Wessels, Mr W

Wessels, Mr W to ask the Minister of Science and Technology

1.Whether all members of the senior management service (SMS) in her department had declared their interests for the past year as required by the Public Service Regulations; if not, (a) why not, (b) what number of the specified members did not declare their interests and (c) what are the (i) names and (ii) ranks of the specified noncompliant members of the SMS; 2. Whether noncompliant SMS members have been charged; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; 3. What number (a) of employees in her department at each post level are currently suspended on full salary and (b) of the specified employees at each post level have been suspended for the specified number of days (details furnished); 4. What is the total amount of cost attached to the days of service lost as a result of the suspensions in each specified case? NW2207E


1. Yes
(a) N/A

(b) N/A

(c) (i) N/A

2. N/A

3. (a) N/A
(b) N/A

4. N/A

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