Question NW1135 to the Minister of Police

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28 June 2018 - NW1135

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Maynier, Mr D to ask the Minister of Police

(1) Whether the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation (Hawks) received a report from Dr Steve Booysen regarding alleged offences under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, Act 12 of 2004, by Mr Markus Jooste (details furnished); If not, what is the position In this regard; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether the (a) SA Police Service and/or (b) Hawks are conducting Investigations into the scandal surrounding accounting irregularities at the specif1ed company; if not, in each case, why not; if so, what are the relevant details in each case? NW1229E


(a) On 301h January 2018 the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation received a report in terms of Section 34 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Ac~ Act 12 of 2004. The report was submitted by Mr Steve Francois Booysen, the Chairperson of the Audit Committee of Steinhoff. The report allege that Markus Jooste is guilty of the offence of-

• being a party to the falsification of accounting records of a company;

• with the fraudulent purpose, knowingly providing false or misleading information In circumstances In which the law required him to provide information of give notice to another person which was not dales or misleading;

• knowingly being a party to an act or omission by the company calculated to defraud creditors or employees of the company, or holders of the company's securities, or with another fraudulent purpose; or

• being party to the preparation, approval, dissemination or publication of a prospectus or a written statement contemplated in the Companies Act, that contains an " untrue statement" as defined and described in the Companies Act.

(2) The following three case dockets are investigated by DPCI relating to the allegations against Steinhoff International Holdings NV and/or Its subsidiaries:

• Stellenbosch CAS 226/12/2017 (Fail to report knowledge/suspicion of offence in terms of Corrupt Activities Act I theft I fraud I Extortion I Forgery I Uttering);
• Stellenbosch CAS 347112/2017 (Fraud); and

• Sandlan CAS 371/1212017 (Fraud)

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