Question NW22 to the Minister of Finance

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07 August 2018 - NW22

Profile picture: Brauteseth, Mr TJ

Brauteseth, Mr TJ to ask the Minister of Finance

(1)With regard to the contract concluded between SA Airways Technical (SAAT) and a certain company (name furnished as Allen Radio Corporation), (a) on what date was the specified contract awarded to the specified company and (b) what (i) is the monetary value and (ii) are the terms and conditions of the contract; (2) what (a) is the (i) name and (ii) professional designation of each team member of SAAT who visited the company before the contract was awarded, (b) was the purpose of the specified visit, (c) are the details of the trip’s itinerary and (d) was the cost of the visit to the company; (3) whether he will furnish Mr T J Brauteseth with copies of all the minutes of each meeting that took place on the specified trip?


(1) a) The contract was awarded on 16 May 2016.

     b) (i) The monetary value is/was R1 253 636 151.81

     (ii) The contract is for supply of components for a period of five years.

(2) There were four (4) trips that were undertaken by different board members and officials of SAA Technical and SAA. These were on different dates and at the time thereof, there was no tender. See the table below for details:


Names (a(i))

Designation (a(ii))

Purpose (b)

Itinerary (c)

Cost (d)

1st Trip

  • Dr John Tambi
  • Mrs Yakhe Kwinana
  • Mr Musa Zwane
  • Adv Nontsasa Memela
  • Board member
  • Board member
  • HOD: Procurement

SAA Technical (SAAT) was facing an immediate cash flow challenge hence the need for a visit to one of the biggest MROs in the world to learn and share best practices and to align the scope of the combined services to the Long-Term Strategy (LTTS). It was also to consider a number of smart solutions available within the global MRO industry. The visit also provided an opportunity to engage in a process of seeking partnerships in areas where SAAT was lacking.

04 – 08 May 2015


2nd Trip

  • Mr Stefanus Meyer
  • Ismail Randaree
  • Mr Chaile Makaleng
  • GM: Operations
  • HOD: Planning
  • HOD: Maintenance

This visit focused on technical and operational aspects following the feedback to the Board on the 1st trip.

22 – 26 June 2015


3rd Trip

  • Adv. Nontsasa Memela
  • HOD: Procurement

The purpose of the trip was visiting the supply chain AAR facility in Chicago

29 Jun–12 July 2015


4th Trip

  • Musa Zwane
  • Ms Ursula Fikelepi
  • Mr Phinda Ncala
    • SAAT CEO
    • GM: Legal
    • CIO

This trip focused on the IT and supply chain management systems.

06 – 10 July 2015


(3) No minutes were kept for each meeting on the specified trips.

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