Question NW2481 to the Minister of Police

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06 July 2015 - NW2481

Profile picture: McLoughlin, Mr AR

McLoughlin, Mr AR to ask the Minister of Police

(1)With regard to his reply to question 2293 on 18 June 2015, where did he get the information that Democratic Alliance (DA) members were wearing DA branded name tags; (2) whether there are any reasons and/or provisions why an open public meeting, where press are reporting, cannot be recorded; if so, what are the reasons and/or provisions; (3) why did the chairperson inform the community police forum meeting that the Member of the Executive Council had given an instruction to postpone the meeting when it was in fact Mr D Sibuyi who had given the advice that the meeting be postponed; (4) will any action be taken in this regard?


(1) From CPF Chairperson Linda McKenzie.

(2)  CPF chairperson Linda McKenzie observed a hidden video camera recorder hidden in the shoe box and asked Mr Allan Fourie why the camera is hidden in the box and his reply was that it is used to record and video. She then asked him if he had obtained permission from the executive and he replied that permission was not needed.

(3)  CPF chairperson conveyed the message from the MEC office to the community at the CPF meeting.

(4)  No action will be taken.

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