Question NW1044 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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02 August 2018 - NW1044

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van Wyk, Ms A to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

With reference to the annual reports of Alexkor which indicate that the specified company incurred expenditure amounting to R225 406 938.00 in the 2012-2017 financial years, what value has the company gained by this expenditure?



The response is based on information received from Alexkor SOC Limited.

The breakdown of the expenditure incurred for Alexkor’s Corporate Head Office amounting to R225 406 938.00 during the period 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2017 is detailed in the table below:





1. Bursaries

R    1 687 360

The amounts include Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as well as bursaries awarded to learners in the field of mining, geology and environmental management

2. Corporate Costs

R   47 442 391

Salaries of employees and head office operational costs

3. Mining Operations

R   14 846 968

Alexkor SOC Limited was mining in Alexander Bay prior to the PSJV being established, in terms of the Deed of Settlement. Hence the mining operations cost of R14.8m. Related revenue against the Mining operating cost was R27.4m

4. Town Maintenance

R   85 988 049

The DoS directed that once the township had been established, the municipal engineering services are to be upgraded and Alexkor is to hand over the municipal services to the Alexander Bay Municipality; however, that has not yet occurred. Alexkor has assumed the responsibilities to maintain the Township of Alexander Bay as if they are a municipality.

5. Discontinued Operations and Other

R     9 735 795

The discontinued operating cost of R9.7 million relates to the cost of transferring the farming operations to  the community.

6. Environmental Management

R   41 343 822

Implementation of Phase 1  of rehabilitation of historically disturbed areas


7. Directors Remuneration

R   24 362 554

Fees paid to directors serving on both Alexkor and Alexkor RMC PSJV boards


R 225 406 938



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