Question NW1978 to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform:

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02 July 2018 - NW1978

Profile picture: Robertson, Mr K

Robertson, Mr K to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform:

(1) Whether, with reference to the reply to question 277 on 10 March 2017, her department incurred any financial losses due to irregular selection of beneficiaries; if so, what is the total amount of the financial losses; (2) what amount in rental income has been paid to the N'wandlamahari Communal Property Association in each month since its establishment; (3) under which classification was the land claim finalised since it was originally deemed to be invalid?


(1) No. According to information at our disposal no irregularities were identified and/or discovered during the selection of beneficiaries; as a result the Department has not incurred financial losses in this regard.

(2) The first rental income which the community received every month was R700 000 from 1 December 2013 to end of February 2016. This was a transition period. The total amount received during this period is estimated to be R18 900 000. The amount was R560 000 from 1 March 2016 in line with the lease agreement signed. The total amount received from 1 March 2016 to date is estimated to be R14 300 000. The total rental income received from the first payment to date is estimated to be in the region of R33 200 000. In addition to the rental income the CPA has received dividends in the amount of R12 000 000 in 2017 and subsequent payment of dividends of R10 000 000 in 2018.

(3) The claim was finalised in accordance with section 2 of the Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994 as well as research conducted which found the claim to be valid.


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