Question NW1936 to the Minister of Science and Technology

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02 July 2018 - NW1936

Profile picture: Paulsen, Mr N M

Paulsen, Mr N M to ask the Minister of Science and Technology

What is the total number of incidents of sexual harassment that were reported to the human resources offices of (i) her department and (ii) entities reporting to her in (aa) 2016 and (bb) 2017 and (b) are the details of each incident that took place; 2. Was each incident investigated; if not, why not in each case; if so, what were the outcomes of the investigation in each case? NW2093E


1. The Department statistics stand as follows:

(i) Zero· from the department.

(ii) Entities.

(aa) 2016· two incidents.

(bb) 2017- two incidents.

(b) Yes.

2. Was each incident investigated, yes: what were the outcome of the investigation in each case? In 2016, the employee was dismissed during the disciplinary hearing process and in another incident, the employee resigned. In 2017, one employee resigned and another was given a final written warning and suspended for one month to attend a rehabilitation centre

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