Question NW1889 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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07 June 2018 - NW1889

Profile picture: Ntlangwini, Ms EN

Ntlangwini, Ms EN to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

(1)What (a) is the total number of incidents of racism that were reported to the human resources offices in (i) his department and (ii) entities reporting to him (aa) 2016 and (bb) 2017 and (b) are the details of each incident that took place; (2) was each incident investigated; if not, why not in each case; if so, what were the outcomes of the investigation in each case? NW2049E


Response from the Department

Except for one (1) incident at NCC referred to their Human Resources on 25 January 2017 there were no incidents reported for the Department and the other entities.

Response from the Entities







National Consumer Commission (NCC)

There were no racism incidents that were reported to Human Resource department.

2016-one incident of racism was referred to Human Resource on the 25 January 2017

Not applicable

The matter stemmed from grievance that was lodged by one senior manager against another

The matter was investigated and a recommendation was made that the senior manager be formally charged for misconduct. Whilst the initiator was in the process of drafting the charge sheet, the said senior manager was dismissed for unrelated misconduct. As a result thereof, such disciplinary hearing (relating to racism) did not take place.

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