Question NW1418 to the Minister of Higher Education and Training

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04 June 2018 - NW1418

Profile picture: Bozzoli, Prof B

Bozzoli, Prof B to ask the Minister of Higher Education and Training

(1)What conditions have been placed on the receipt of funding by students from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) following the conversion of all student funding from loans to bursaries; (2) is provision made for repayment of the funding if the student (a) fails the course or (b) drops out; if so, what are the relevant details; (3) will she furnish Prof B Bozzoli with a copy of the new agreement that has been signed between NSFAS and student recipients?


1. The following conditions have been placed on the receipt of funding by students through the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) Bursary Scheme:

  • In the first year of study, the student must attend and participate in lectures, tutorials and academic support programmes as required by the institution; complete all set assignments and/or tasks as required in terms of the due performance requirements of the institution; undergo all tests and examinations (written and oral) as required; obtain satisfactory results for these assignments, tasks, tests and examinations and meet the academic progression requirements (as described below);
  • In the second and subsequent years, the student shall be required to meet all the conditions stated above, as well as participate in a minimum of 10 (ten) days or 80 (eighty) hours of community service or special project work, of the student’s own choosing from a wide range of possibilities, at any time during the year where they do not have classes or tutorials to attend, submit a written report confirming participation once a year; and
  • All students funded must undertake to remain in the country and participate in the economy, for at least the number of years they have benefitted from NSFAS funding; if they wish to undertake further studies in another country, this will be permitted provided they undertake to return to South Africa to fulfil this obligation. However, students wishing to emigrate before the expiry of the commitment period shall be required to pay back the funds before they leave the country. These service requirements will be finalised for implementation in 2019.

The academic progression requirements for continued funding state that the student must satisfy the minimum progression requirements of the institution, as well as passing a minimum 50% (fifty percent) of all courses in the first year of study, and passing sufficient courses in subsequent years to enable them to complete their studies in the minimum number of years plus one year, N+1 rule.

2. No provision has been made for the repayment of the bursary should the student fail or drop-out. The only provision for repayment is when a funded student emigrates from South Africa.

3. A copy of the agreement is attached as Annexure A.

Annexure A: A sample of the new agreement

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