Question NW2731 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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08 September 2015 - NW2731

Profile picture: Esau, Mr S

Esau, Mr S to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

Why are four ministerial priorities not mentioned when comparing the 2012-16 Strategic Plan to the 2015-19 Strategic Plan?


The Ministerial priorities that have been promulgated in the DOD Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 are related to Milestone 1 of the SA Defence Review 2014. It is emphasised that the priorities as reflected in the Strategic Plan for the fiscal years 2011/12 – 2015/16 are embedded in the following priorities which are as follows:

Strategic Leadership.

Defence Funding Model.

Organisational Renewal.

Human Resources Renewal.

Capability Renewal

Defence Industry.

Defence Commitments.

Prior to the promulgation of these latest Ministerial priorities, an assessment was made of all previous Ministerial priorities and their implementation progress. After such an assessment a determination was made that all the priorities that were not exhaustively implemented, be incorporated under the 2015 -2020 MOD&MV high level priorities.

No Ministerial priorities were dropped, but were however incorporated under the high level Ministerial priorities. The DOD will, at its presentation of the Defence Review Implementation Plan to Parliament, make this point visible.

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