Question NW1008 to the Minister of Basic Education

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03 May 2018 - NW1008

Profile picture: Ketabahle, Ms V

Ketabahle, Ms V to ask the Minister of Basic Education

Based on current and future learner enrolment, (a) what number of teachers are available for employment and (b) what number of teachers must be trained to cover the shortage?


a) Over the past five (5) years to 2016, learner enrolment figures in public schools have shown a modest overall increase of about 1% (11 923 674 to 12 342 213). Meanwhile, in the five (5) years to 2015, teacher education enrolments and graduations have also shown an annual increase with graduations doubling from 10 153 in 2011 to 20 738 in 2015. It is expected that the number of teacher education graduates will continue to be above 20 000 annually until 2025. Quantitatively, the supply figures will be adequate to accommodate the demand.

b) As indicated above, quantitatively, the current enrolment and graduation rates are adequate to ensure constant supply of educators needed in the system. However, the Department, working with the Department of Higher Education and Training, is currently looking at ensuring that the supply matches the need in terms of areas of specialisation both in terms of phase and subject.

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