Question NW3020 to the Minister of Environmental Affairs

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08 September 2015 - NW3020

Profile picture: Stander, Ms T

Stander, Ms T to ask the Minister of Environmental Affairs

(1)With regard to the awarding of the tender for the development of Portions 87, 148, 149 and the remainder of Portion 1 of the farm Rietfontein 61 IR, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and in view of the Final Environmental Impact Assessment Report Gaut: 002/13-14/E0153 (details furnished), how detrimental the use of formaldehyde will be to the (a) ecological, and (b) hydrology systems for the study area; (2) whether it will have an impact downstream on the (a) ecological and (b) hydrology systems; if so, how far from the study area will the impact be felt in each case?


(1) and (2) The National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has no record of an application for environmental authorisation for the abovementioned project. The application was lodged with the provincial department of environmental affairs, the Gauteng Department of Rural Development (GDARD), for which the MEC is the competent authority in terms of S24C of NEMA. Please contact the GDARD for a response.


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