Question NW487 to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

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30 April 2018 - NW487

Profile picture: Mbabama, Ms TM

Mbabama, Ms TM to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

What are the relevant details of the (a) number of livestock that the Mthetofanayo Community Property Association (CPA) in northern KwaZulu-Natal had on hand at the end of every six-month period since its establishment, (b) carrying capacity of the land transferred to the specified CPA, (c) description of all livestock purchases and (d) current number of livestock on hand; (2) (a) what are the full details of all (i) improvements made and/or (ii) farming equipment and other movable assets purchased by the CPA since its establishment and (b) what amount did each improvement and/or purchase cost; (3) Whether the CPA disposed of any assets since its establishment; if so, (a) what are the relevant details of the assets in each case, (b) who authorised each transaction and (c) what amount was received by the CPA in each case?


1. (a) The Department bought the CPA 2 bulls and are reported to have died during the drought but individual households have a combined total of 96 heads of livestock.

(b) 2 - 4 hectares per large stock unit (LSU).

(c) None by the CPA.

(d) None by the CPA.

2. (a) (i) None.

(ii) None.

(b) Falls away.

3. No.

(a),(b),(c) Falls away.

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