Question NW1033 to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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20 April 2018 - NW1033

Profile picture: Paulsen, Mr N M

Paulsen, Mr N M to ask the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

What is the (a) size of the land that his department owns at the Fort Cox Agricultural College and (b) land used other than for the training of college students; (b) has his department leased out and/or sold parts of the land to anyone in the past 24 years; if so, (a) to whom has the land been leased and/or sold and (b) what were/are the terms of the lease/sale agreements?



  • Currently the land owned by Fort Cox is close to 843 ha, which is the balance of about 750 ha that were given to the community of Cwaru as settlement.

Overall land utilisation at fort Cox forms part of student training, with 41 ha of irrigable land and 60 ha of dry land together with 33 camps used for grazing of animals. However, it must be stated that there are people that have encroached on the North-West side of the land, which is related to fences not being in place, as expected.

  • There is no land that has been leased nor sold to anyone for the period indicated. Thus no terms have ever been established, at all.

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