Question NW695 to the Minister of Communications

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23 April 2018 - NW695

Profile picture: Van Dyk, Ms V

Van Dyk, Ms V to ask the Minister of Communications

(1) Whether BrandSA conducted any studies to determine whether the persistent drought experienced in large parts of South Africa contributed in any way to a decline in the number of international tourists visiting the country; if so, what (a) are the details and (b) were the outcomes of the studies; (2) Whether BrandSA plays any role in managing the depiction of the water crisis (a) in the foreign media and/or (b) on their website; if so, (i) how many media statements relating to the drought has BrandSA released (aa) in each of the past three financial years and (bb) since 1 April 2017 and (ii) what are the details of any campaigns launched in this regard?


1. Brand South Africa did not conduct any studies.

2. (a) Brand South Africa does not play a role in managing the depiction of the water crisis in (a) foreign media and/or (b) website

(i) Not applicable

(aa) Not Applicable

(bb) Not Applicable

(ii) Not Applicable. No campaigns launched.

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