Question NW471 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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20 April 2018 - NW471

Profile picture: Madisha, Mr WM

Madisha, Mr WM to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

(1) What (a) is the current operational status of the aircraft under the control of the 21 Squadron of the SA Air Force and (b) are the details of the maintenance contracts for the fleet; (2) what (a) contingency arrangements have been made given the operational status of the fleet, (b) is the cost of the arrangements in the current financial year and (c) actions are being taken and/or will be taken to ensure that the squadron continues to operate?


1. (a) The VVIP fleet is unserviceable.

(b) The maintenance support user requirement to place contracts are still being finalised for all systems.

2. (a) The SAAF will utilise the National Treasury RT61 contract for hiring aircraft or charter through SAA.

(b) Total cost of aircraft hiring for financial year 2017/18is: R30 946 094.55

President’s Flights = R22 202 485.53

Deputy President’s Flights = R 7 156 503.51

Minister of Defence and Military Veterans = R 1 587 503.51

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