Question NW962 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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19 April 2018 - NW962

Profile picture: Marais, Mr S

Marais, Mr S to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

(a) What is the total number of members of Armscor who attended the 2018 Cape Town Jazz Festival, (b) what is the name of each member who attended, (c) what was the cost for each in respect of (i) flight, (ii) accommodation, (iii) jazz ticket and (iv) any other entertainment, (d) where did each member stay during the jazz festival, (e) on what legal provision did Armscor rely to justify the costs and (f) what is the name of the person who authorised the (i) expenditure and (ii) attendance of the members?


a) Two members

b) Ms L Mzili & Mr T Goduka

c) (i) Flights for one person Total = R 4 675.38

(ii) Accommodation for one person Total = R 3 050.20

(iii) Tickets Total = R19 520.00 (inclusive of refreshments)

(iv) Entertainment Total = Nil

d) One member stayed at Protea Hotel Victoria Junction while the other permanently resides in Cape Town

e) Whilst the primary client will always be the SANDF / Department of Defence, Armscor Act 51 of 2003 also enables the Corporation to:

  • Exploit commercial opportunities as may arise out of Armscor’s duty to acquire defence matériel or to manage technology projects (4.3a (i))
  • Procure commercial matériel on behalf of any organ of State at the request of the organ of State in question (4.3a (ii)), and

In pursuit of its mandate and strategic objectives, Armscor is committed to engage with its stakeholders; to build and enhance relationships for the benefits of the organisation at identified platforms.

Armscor has embarked on the implementation of its strategy - “On Time In Time - Towards A Sustainable Future”, setting direction towards improving long term financial sustainability of the Corporation by identifying, pursuing and realising business opportunities through leveraging Armscor’s capabilities while also improving organisational efficiencies. In this regard, revenue generation and stakeholder management are two of the four key strategic objectives Armscor has set to realise its strategy. To this end, targeted markets have been identified to expand and position Armscor’s value proposition; offering its services. Armscor considers it key to build, maintain and enhance relationships with both its existing and potential stakeholders. And as such, some members of the Portfolio Committee were invited; Department of Corporative Governance & Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Robben Island Museum (RIM) and the Department of Defence. Armscor has thus submitted a proposal of an estimated revenue of R7m to Municipalities and is currently assisting RIM on its WWII Relics Maintenance Program.

f) (i) & (ii) The Chief Executive Officer of Armscor: Mr Kevin Wakeford

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