Question NW3129 to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

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08 September 2015 - NW3129

Profile picture: Shinn, Ms MR

Shinn, Ms MR to ask the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

(a) Who heads his department’s South Africa Connect project office, (b) how many full-time staff members work in the specified office, (c) what are their roles, (d) what is the budgeted cost of the specified office over the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework period and (e) what (i) is the mandate and (ii) are the (aa) deliverable targets and (bb) deadlines?


I have been advised the Department as follows:-

(a)(i) Mr. Kefilwe Madingoane heads the Department’s South Africa Connect project office

(b) The project office comprises of eighteen (18) full time departmental staff members.

(c) Their roles include:

• Broadband infrastructure gap analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools

• High-level broadband technical planning to determine appropriate technology options and to develop the technical specification

• Stakeholder engagement at a National Government level to ensure coordination of the rollout plan with the requirements of the line Departments

• Stakeholder engagement at Provincial and Local Government level to ensure that there is coordination between the rollout programme and the readiness of the targeted facilities. Also to assist Provincial Governments with setting up appropriate provincial broadband steering committees to drive the rollout programme at the provincial and local government level.

• Development of relevant business cases to secure funding for the rollout of broadband initiatives.

• Coordination with stakeholders such as State-Owned Companies and the private sector to ensure alignment with public and private sector initiatives.

(d) The budgeted cost for the office over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework is as shown below. The budget includes broadband rollout, remuneration, goods and service and professional services.

Financial Year (over MTEF)



R 227,150


R 380,181


R 390,361

(e)(i)(ii)(iii) The mandate is to execute on the four (4) strategies of the SA Connect Policy. The deliverable target is to achieve 100% broadband penetration by 2020 as per Outcome 6 of Medium Term Strategic Framework.


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