Question NW457 to the Minister of Transport

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08 March 2018 - NW457

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

(1)With reference to the signalling systems, rolling-stock and related infrastructure at each train station, (a) how often was each system (i) tested and (ii) maintained (aa) in the (aaa) 2014-15, (bbb) 2015-16 and (cc) 2016-17 financial years and (bb) since 1 April 2017; (2) (a) what were the results of each test respectively and (b) what action was taken in each case?


1. (a) (i) (ii) and (aa) (aaa) (bbb) and (cc) (bb) The information requested requires PRASA Engineering staff to extract all the records pertaining to all the infrastructure asset items for each of the regions Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal (Eastern Cape operates on Transnet infrastructure) as well as record of each of the coaches (rolling stock), i.e. 4,565 caoches x 9 months x approximately 7 records per coach per month which equals 287,595 records on rolling stock only.

The Engineering Department will need time to extract the information in summary for 2015-16 and detail for 2017.

The detail requested are expected to be very large and it would be appreciated if Mr Hunsinger can please confirm that this is for all operating areas or whether just for Gauteng.

2. (a) Due to the fact that the information is not available at this stage, a response cannot be provide (b) in light of 2(a) above, (b) falls away

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