Question NW302 to the Minister of Transport

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08 March 2018 - NW302

Profile picture: America, Mr D

America, Mr D to ask the Minister of Transport

With regard to a certain official (name and details furnished), recommended for disciplinary action in the Treasury and Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa reports, (a) on what date was disciplinary action instituted against the specified person, (b) what disciplinary actions were instituted, (c) why has the person been moved within various entities and (d) why is the s person still in the employ of any entity?


a) There was no disciplinary action instituted as the official left PRASA before the investigation could be concluded.

b) N/A, see (a) above.

c) TheOfficial applied for the vacant position that was advertised at SAMSA..

d) The official is not currently employed in any of the Transport entities.

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