Question NW61 to the Minister of Police

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14 February 2018 - NW61

Profile picture: Cassim, Mr Y

Cassim, Mr Y to ask the Minister of Police

What is the total cost related to the relocation of (a) staff members and (b)(i) samples and (ii) equipment from the Forensic Science Laboratory in Amanzimtoti to laboratories in other provinces due to flood damage?


a) The Forensic Science Laboratory, in Amanzimtoti, which hosts the Biology and Chemistry Sections, was flooded on 10 October 2017. This resulted in damage to the property and the evacuation of staff. A total of 89 staff members have been affected and need to be relocated to other laboratories in the country. The cost relating to this incident, will depend on the actual cost and time taken to repair and refurbish the damaged laboratory, including the relocation costs to temporary facilities and the relocation of the services and staff members.

It is estimated that the monthly cost will be R1 428 000,00, if 50 analysts, excluding support members, are temporarily relocated to other forensic laboratories outside the province.

b) A total of 2 173 cases, with samples, will also have to be relocated for analysis at other laboratories, in other provinces. The estimated transport costs are R2 000,00.

c) No equipment will be relocated whilst the repair and refurbishment is done. There will be no cost incurred, in this regard.


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