Question NW4016 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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02 January 2018 - NW4016

Profile picture: Marais, Mr EJ

Marais, Mr EJ to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

Whether a representative of Alexkor Pooling and Sharing Joint Venture in the Rictersveld is permitted at diamond sales; if not, why not; (2) what is the reason that the specified company does not provide the original brokers note to contractors when diamond sales occur? NW4562E



a) Alexkor / Richtersveld Mining Company Joint Venture (RMC JV) are represented at each sale by a member of management and also the appointed authorized representative as required by law. We have on several occasions taken representatives of the contractors to the Tender House.

During 2014 the following contractors were invited to Tender House:

(i) Joseph Klaase - IMJV Mining;

(ii) George Nikolaai - IMJV Mining;

(iii) Jaco van Niekerk - Astrostone; and

(iv) Gielie Lamprecht – Ambicor.

During 2017 the following Contractors were invited to Tender House:

(i) Anita Panizza – Abutti;

(ii) Kobus Kriel – Nxanthathu;

(iii) Josepf Klaasse – Rabsol;

(iv) Jaco van Niekerk - Ambicor;

(v) Wayne Cooke - Malakaza Diamonds;

(vi) Auburm Malakaza – Malakaza Diamonds;

(vii) Elsa Kriel – Nxanthatu ;

(viii) Willie Vries – Community Elected Director/RMC;

(ix) Ryno Thomas – Community Elected Director/RMC;

(x) Brian Koopman/Community Elected Director/RMC;

(xi) Dennis Farmer – Community Elected Director/RMC;

(xii) Henning Louw / Richtersveld Mining Company – Liani Investments; and

(xiii) Shauwn Uys – Richtersveld Mining Company/ North Bound Diamonds.

(xiv) The community elective representatives of the RMC and of the Richtersveld Mining Contractors had also been at the Tender House.


(a) The After Sales Reports are sent to the Alexkor / RMC JV which is the basis for compiling the Broker notes for each individual contractor based on their respective production that was sold.

(b) These Broker Notes are given to each contractor and all information relating to the diamond sales, proceeds from the sales if of a confidential nature relating to the specific contract holder only.





Reply: Approved / Not Approved


Mr Mogokare Richard Seleke


Ms Lynne Brown, MP




Minister of Public Enterprises




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