Question NW4015 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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02 January 2018 - NW4015

Profile picture: Marais, Mr EJ

Marais, Mr EJ to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

On what date was a certain company, namely Scarlet Skye Investment appointed by Alexkor Pooling and Sharing Joint Venture in the Richtersveld; (2) was a tender process followed; if not, (a) why not and (b) what are the conditions of the appointment? NW4561E



Scarlet Skye Investment (SSI) was appointed on 01 March 2015





Not applicable



Scarlet Skye Investment (SSI) were appointed with the following conditions:

i) To conduct tender of diamonds over 8 (EIGHT) sales cycle per annum;

ii) Marketing of diamonds;

iii) Valuation of diamonds s;

iv) Agree on reserve price of diamonds with the Pooling and Sharing Joint Venture (PSJV) once the Diamonds are Valued;

v) Prepare supply of diamonds for obligatory 10% (TEN PERCENT) sample for the State Diamond Trader and oversee the process of such sale with the authorized representative of the PSJV; Beneficiate 5% (FIVE PERCENT) by value of the diamonds s;

vi) Prepare the remaining 85% (EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT) of diamonds supply for Sale on Tender; and

vii) 1.5% (ONE POINT FIVE PERCENT) Commission is paid to SSI.





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Mr Mogokare Richard Seleke


Ms Lynne Brown, MP




Minister of Public Enterprises




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