Question NW3959 to the Minister of Police

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14 December 2017 - NW3959

Profile picture: Brauteseth, Mr TJ

Brauteseth, Mr TJ to ask the Minister of Police

(1)What is the (a) name and (b) rank of the SA Police Service member who applied for a warrant to search the office(s) of a certain legal firm (name and details furnished), in a search operation that was carried out on 9 November 2017 and led by a certain official (name furnished); (2) what is the (a) name of the presiding officer who authorised the specified warrant and (b) in which court was the specified warrant issued; (3) what are the reasons that were given as motivation in the application for the specified warrant; (4) will he furnish Mr T J Brauteseth with a copy of the (a) application and (b) specified warrant?


(1)(a)(b)(2)(a)(b)(3) and (4)

No search warrant was applied for and no search was conducted at the office of the legal firm. On 7 November 2017, an investigation was conducted and a statement was obtained. At no stage was a search conducted. It was merely an investigative duty and the purpose thereof, was to obtain a statement.

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