Question NW3958 to the Minister of Police

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14 December 2017 - NW3958

Profile picture: Bara, Mr M R

Bara, Mr M R to ask the Minister of Police

In view of the recent closure of the laboratory in KwaZulu-Natal due to flooding for the fourth time, what arrangements has he made regarding the transportation of all the firearms to be handed in during the proposed Firearm Amnesty period in 2018 to alternative laboratories in the country?


The flooding occured in the Chemistry and Biology Sections, in the KwaZulu-Natal Forensic Science Laboratory and did not affect the Ballistic Section, which is a separate facility. Therefore, no impact was experienced, due to the flooding of the Ballistic Section (including the Integrated Ballistic Identification System). The Ballistic Section will, therefore, be able to receive and process all test specimens or firearms during the proposed Firearm Amnesty.

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