Question NW2163 to the Minister of Health

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11 December 2017 - NW2163

Profile picture: Kopane, Ms SP

Kopane, Ms SP to ask the Minister of Health

(a) How many public (i) hospitals and (ii) clinics do not have running water currently and (b) will he provide Ms S P Kopane with a list of the specified hospitals and clinics?


(a) and (b) All our health facilities do have running water supply systems.

However, sometimes there may be some interruption due to drought, maintenance work on the system or shortage from the main source of supply, for example, a dried borehole or very low dam levels. It may also happen if there are local government problems in that municipality.

In such cases arrangements are made at facility level with the relevant municipality to cart water to such a facility until the problem is solved.

Jojo water tanks are also installed in many clinics and CHCs to harvest rain water and utilise in case of emergencies.


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