Question NW3914 to the Minister of Transport

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07 December 2017 - NW3914

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Transport

With reference to his reply to question 3550 on 10 November 2017, (a) on what date was the advertisement for the positions on the board placed, (b) what was the closing date for applications, (c) what is the current status of the selection process of a full-time board and (d) by which date will the full-time board be appointed?


a) The positions were advertised on the 5 February 2017 and 11 June 2017.

b) The closing date was 20 February 2017 and 26 June 2017, respectively.

c) On 13 September 2017 Cabinet resolved that the Transport Ministers Cabinet Memorandum No. 20 of 2017 on the appointment of the members of the Board of Control of PRASA be withdrawn and further resolved that the Minister should consider the appointment of an Interim Board of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). The process of appointing the full-time board will be kick-started in the next financial year (2018/19).

d) In the 2018/19 financial year.

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